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Kedary (ケダリー?) is a demon-themed general and a villain in Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure.



Kedary looks similar to Daruizen, but his hair is shorter and lighter in color and a yellow flower-shaped mark appears on his left eye. He wears Byogens' uniform, with a dark red and black vest worn over a green short-sleeved shirt, black pants, and dark gray boots with a matching choker. Also like the Byogens, he has devil horns and a tail.


Kedary comes from "Kedarui" (気だるい?), which means "languid" or "listless".


He can spread infection by firing red orbs onto any surface. He also has very quick reflexes, allowing him to evade the Cures' attacks easily.


Kedary was born after he was released from Nodoka's body. Daruizen is surprised that he appeared earlier than expected. The Cures transform to battle him, but he proves to be incredibly strong, easily dodging their attacks and beating them down without a problem. However, Cure Earth uses her Air Element Bottle to trap him inside a bubble, while the other Cures use Healing Oasis, purifying him.



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