Kenjou Miku
剣城みく Kenjō Miku
Kenjou Miku
SeasonKiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode
Eye ColorMagenta
Hair ColorRed
Home PlaceIchigozaka
RelativesKenjou Akira (older sister)
Kenjou Tomi (grandmother)
First AppearanceKKPCALM06 (flashback)
KKPCALM15 (full appearance)
Japanese Voice ActorHondo Kaede
Kenjou Miku (剣城みく Kenjō Miku?) is Akira's little sister who has a weak body and is usually hospitalized.



Miku is a little girl with sharp magenta eyes and short fluffy red hair with thickly spiked bangs brushed to the left with a pink star clip. She usually wears a white top with a pastel orange cardigan that has a white collar and magenta ribbon at the middle, along with a light mauve pleat skirt that has a pale pink stripe on the hem, white knee-socks, and magenta loafers. She also wears a pastel red purse or pouch.


Miku is a friendly girl who loves her older sister, Akira, with all of her heart, to the point that she will do anything to make a chocolate cake to thank her for looking out for her. Much like Akira, she is very kind and helpful, but sometimes might force herself to achieve something a little bit too much.


Miku first debuted in episode 15 as she was temporarily discharged from hospital, volunteering to help out at KIRAKIRA Patisserie, but could not really catch up with the workload which upset herself. It was then revealed that she hoped to support her older sister Akira and made Akira a poodle chocolate cake as a gratitude for helping her to overcome her anxiety on dogs. But she soon fell victim to Julio who stole the Kirakiraru from her and the cake, which prompted Akira to rescue her, and her wish of wanting Akira to be happier and less worrisome motivated Akira/Chocolat to defeat Julio. On the bus ride back to the hospital, Miku and Akira promised each other to make sweets together again one day.

In episode 44, Miku was against Akira becoming a researcher to learn about her condition, because she didn't want Akira's life to revolve around her. She then received a creepy phone call which was actually from Elisio, who later kidnapped her. Determined to rescue her, Akira faced off against Elisio who trapped Miku within a monster snowman. In the end, Miku was rescued safe and sound after Akira/Chocolat overcame Elisio's darkness, and Akira promised to find her a cure. At first, Miku was afraid that she was holding Akira back, but Akira/Chocolat reassured Miku that she had understood her own capabilities and gave Miku a hug. Akira later visited Miku at the hospital, and along with the other girls took Miku to take a look at the Kamakura festival pop patisserie, and there Miku and Akira spent time having some chocolate treats together.


  • Kenjou Akira - Miku's older sister. She loves Akira very much and will do anything to help her sister out.


  • Miku's exact disease or illness is never fully explained.


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