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Kenjou Tomi (剣城トミ?) is a minor character who appears in KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode. She is Akira and Miku's grandmother. She lives nextdoor to Usami Ichika. She always lovingly watches over the Kenjou sisters.


Tomi is a short-statured old lady with a round face and white hair. She wears tan capri pants, a pink shirt and a short-sleeved mint vest. She also wears light orange socks and a red hairband. She is nearly always seen with a smile on her face. This smile includes her eyes, so they are rarely shown opened.


A very gentle and kind old lady who cares very much for her granddaughters. Occasionally she helps out the neighborhood committee.


Tomi has lived nextdoor to the Usamis for a long time. At the end of episode 5 Akira moves in with her, and in episode 6 she explains why she came to live with her grandmother.

Tomi herself isn't seen until episode 30, when she comes with Miku to the school festival at Akira's highschool. Together with the KiraPati girls they go around the school festival.

She appears again in episode 36, this time to cheer on Akira's Central Ichigozaka team at the inter-neighborhood sports day. In a flashback, she and Akira are seen helping out the neighborhood committee. When it turns out that Akira was participating in the activities while sick, the other team members take her place, and Tomi stays with Akira. Seeing the others do their best for her, Akira remembers how much everyone has done for her. She tells Tomi that she is really happy she came to live with her.

In episode 44, Tomi is seen bringing Akira a present from Ichika to cheer her up. Later that episode she calls for Akira who had gone to help Ichika study for her math test, to tell her Miku has disappeared from the hospital.


  • Kenjou Akira - Her older granddaughter. She lives with Tomi because it's closer to her highschool.
  • Kenjou Miku - Her younger granddaughter. She has been hospitalized for a long time and her parents moved to be closer to the hospital.



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