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King Byogen (キングビョーゲン?) is the main antagonist of Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure and the leader of the Byogens.



King Byogen's former body was made up of red matter, with yellow eyes and a purple mouth.

In his true form, he resembles a black bird-like creature with large ears and a single red horn protruding from the middle of his forehead. He has neon green eyes with red markings above and below the eyes as well as long silvery-white hair and a matching tail. He wears a deep red cloak with a furry blue collar and a black and gold stole. Underneath the cloak are bird-like feet with red talons.

When he absorbs Daruizen, he becomes Neo King Byogen, growing into a towering humanoid creature. His hair has pink tips at each end and he now has multiple horns on his head. His cloak changes into a long coat with a purple robe underneath it and a blue and green stole with a stiff collar on top of it. He has two pairs of black wings.


King Byogen is very power hungry, only wanting to regain his body so he can defeat Queen Teatinu, even absorbing his own powered-up generals to get that power.


  • Daruizen, Shindoine, Guaiwaru, and Batetemoda: His generals. He also appears to find them expendable, with the exception of Shindoine, having wanting them to absorb the Mega Parts so he can absorb them into his body to speed up his revival but only if they betray him.
  • Queen Teatinu: King Byogen despises her and wants nothing else but to see her defeated.


Prior to the season, he fought against Queen Teatinu and her Cure partner. He successfully managed to turn Queen Teatinu's partner into a statue, but failed to defeat Queen Teatinu herself. Instead, he managed to injure her greatly, and infect majority of the Healing Garden before losing his body.

For most of the season, he orders his generals to spread dark energy around the world through Megabyogens so he can get his body back.

In episode 39, the Cures, having found a portal to the Byogen Kingdom, meet King Byogen for the first time. He seems particularly interested in Cure Earth, as she resembled the ancient Pretty Cure, and targets her first. He then summons three shadowy demon creatures to fight the other three Cures. He eventually ends up overpowering the Cures and discourages the Healing Animals, making them feel worthless. However, after encouragement from the Cures, they all got back up and used Final! Healin' Good♥Shower, defeating King Byogen.

However, it is revealed in episode 41 that the Cures just destroyed part of his body, as he knew about Guaiwaru's plan to take the throne, and that the Mega Parts were also part of his own plan to restore his strength quicker when he absorbs his evolved generals. Because Guaiwaru absorbed numerous parts, he is revived faster than he expected.

In episode 42, he returns to Earth after the Cures defeat Daruizen and absorbs him, which allows him to transform into Neo King Byogen. After the Cures vow to defeat him, he calls Grace out for abandoning Daruizen, but she counters by swearing that she will purify him and protect everybody.

In episode 43, he defeats the Cures easily and starts to infect all of Sukoyaka City. However, Queen Teatinu arrives to summon a cage, trapping him inside it so he won't infect anything else and to buy the Cures enough time to come up with a plan.

After breaking free from Queen Teatinu's cage in episode 44, he infects the entire Earth and absorbs the Cures and Healing Animals into his body. But with the combined effort of the Cures and the support from the Sukoyaka citizens, he is ultimately defeated and purified.


He can shoot a barrage of purple lasers and summon shadow copies of his former body to fight against the Cures. As Neo King Byogen, he can infect large areas at a time and fire dark red projectiles at his targets. He also protects himself with an invisible barrier that renders any attacks against him useless.


  • He shares his voice actor with Sarurou.


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