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Kintoleski (キントレスキー Kintoresukī?) is the last Dark Fall villain to appear in Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star series and guards the Fountain of Gold, being a gold elemental.

He favors having a good fight with the Cures over his orders to defeat them and getting to know the location of the Fountain of Sun.



Kintoleski is a golden man with a muscular stature and build. He has red hair and a prominent moustache. In his human form, he wears a grey jumpsuit with a hoodie. According to the Memory Book, his design was based on Freddie Mercury.


Unlike some of the other villains as he prefers to handle his foes head-on, rather than coming up with complex plans, unless ordered to. He sometimes shows up casually at PANPAKA Pan Bakery to buy bread without causing any trouble. He likes to train like a boxer for his fights, often jogging and lifting weights. He also reveals to Goyan that he is trying to "train" the Cures so that he can have an all out fight with them.


Ms. Shitataare - In episode 45, the two compete over the title of the strongest Dark Fall member. He tends to judge Shitataare but he goes along with her favourite type of plan - disguises. Before being defeated by the Cures, he praises her, and Shitataare correctly deduces that he has feelings for her. So far, they have been the only villains to have a suggested romance without it being a tragedy or not reciprocated.
Moerumba - Teamed up in episode 43. When Kintoleski senses a power surge from the Cures, he warns Moerumba not to fight them and even shouts when hot-headed Moerumba goes anyway, showing some concern that way.
PANPAKA Pan Bakery - A valued customer. Hyuuga Daisuke chats with him from time to time.


Kin - Japanese for "gold" (since he controls the fountain of gold). Also a homophone for "muscle" ("筋").

Kintore - an abbreviation of "kinniku (muscle) training"

Ski - "Suki" can mean "like". Hence, his name can be translated as "(I) like muscle training".


He is defeated in episode 40. Being an honorable warrior, he gives the Cures his Miracle Drop after his defeat. He revived in episode 42 and defeated again along with Ms. Shitataare in episode 45.

Dressed as santas, Kintoleski and Shitataare meet Saki's father at Pan Paka Pan, who welcomes his "regular" Kintoleski like an old friend, confusing Shitataare. Daisuke assumes the pair are married, angering Shitataare. Kintoleski reassures her that it must have been a joke and Shitataare suggests that they don't speak of this again.

Michiru, Kaoru and Mai recognize them right away. Kintoleski challenges Saki but she mopes around, still getting over her own heartbreak. She declares that Christmas is upsetting her and that Kintoleski and Shitataare are acting like a couple. Shitataare is surprised and Kintoleski doesn't comment, but it is Saki getting Shitataare's name wrong that makes the fight break out between them and the Cures.

They get overpowered and while trying to stop the Spiral Heart Splash Kintoleski realizes that the Cures are about to defeat them, so he tells Shitataare that she was a great warrior and he's happy to have fought with her. Shitataare blushes at his words and correctly deduces that Kintoleski has fallen for her and the attack forms a heart around them. Kintoleski confesses by shouting "You are the one I like!" (アンタがスキー! Anta ga suki!?) - which is a pun on his name. In their last moments, they are looking at each other with thoughtful expressions.




  • Episode 40 shows him to be a great artist. He stresses the importance of muscles in art, which is a joke about artists having to study anatomy for realistic painting.


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