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This is a category listing the episodes for KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Daisuki Tappuri! Kyua Hoippu Dekiagari!
"Topped With Plenty Of Love! Cure Whip Is Ready To Serve!"
Gummy 2017-02-05
Usami Ichika is gathering ingredients for a cake she wanted to make for her mother when a mysterious cream explosion rocks the town. Thinking nothing of it, she starts to make her cake and after several failures, she is suddenly greeted by Pekorin, a fairy who comes crashing into her face. The fairy helps Ichika tap into her feelings when making her cake, causing it to successfully rise. Unfortunately, Ichika learns her mother would not be coming home that day and she becomes so upset that she didn't want to finish the cake. Just then, a mysterious creature named Gummy appears, stealing the Kirakiraru from her failed cakes to take on a much stronger form and attacking her and Pekorin. How can Ichika save her cake from having its Kirakiraru stolen?
02 Chīsana Tensai Kyua Kasutādo!
"The Small Genius Is Cure Custard!"
Pulupulu 2017-02-12
The mysterious box from the previous episode opens up to reveal the KIRAKIRA Patisserie as well as a fairy named Chourou. He tells Ichika about the legendary Patisserie Pretty Cure. The next day, Ichika accidentally intrudes on the shy and reserved Arisugawa Himari at school and later that day, learns that she loves sweets too, especially pudding. Ichika invites her to the newfound bakery to help make some with her, but Himari is still hesitant on doing so because she is afraid that Ichika would not like her because of her tendency of sharing too much of her knowledge, which drives others away. However, Ichika assures her that she would still be friends with her and the two pull off a wonderful pudding dish. Just then, a fairy named Pulupulu appears and steals the Kirakiraru found in the pudding to power himself up. How will Himari be able to help a troubled Cure Whip?
03 Sakebe Raion! Kyua Jerāto!
叫べライオン! キュアジェラート!
"Shout Out Loud, Lion! Cure Gelato!"
Hotto 2017-02-19
One day, Ichika overhears a band singing while her and Himari were walking, and the two of them head to a stage where a girl named Tategami Aoi is singing with her band Wild Azur, and Ichika really enjoys the music. Aoi later learns about a battle of the bands contest where her idol, Misaki Ayane, is one of the judges, and she wants her band to enter, volunteering to write the lyrics to their newest song. Aoi struggles to come up with the right ones, but Ichika decides to help out more by making her her favorite sweet, ice cream, making one in the shape of a lion to get her inspired. She presents it to a conflicted Aoi on the day of the performance and she regains confidence. Before her band could perform though, Hotto, a member of the Kirakiraru Thieves, attacks and targets the Kirakiraru in her ice cream. Will Aoi be able to defend both her ice cream and the show?
04 San'nin Sorotte Rettsu・Ra・Mazemaze!
"With Three Girls, Let's・La・Mix It All Up!"
Choucrea 2017-02-26
As a thank you for inviting them to her ballet recital, Ichika, Himari and Aoi decide to make cream puffs for Mariko. The three of them try their best to make them, but after several attempts that ended up with the puffs becoming deflated, they soon throw in the towel. On her way home, Ichika meets up with Mariko to explain everything, and she suggests to focus on her loving feelings. The next day, the three girls try to make them again. Will they succeed before the recital starts?
05 Kimagure Onēsama wa Kyua Makaron!
"The Moody Older Sister Is Cure Macaron!"
Maquillon 2017-03-05
While trying to tame the famed 3-Star Kitty, Ichika, Himari and Aoi meet Yukari, a popular second-year high school student. Yukari encounters Ichika again later that day and they befriend each other before heading out into the town for a little while. Ichika suggests that Yukari should make some macarons with her, but when their first batch together doesn't look quite right, Yukari's perfectionist nature kicks in as she makes another batch, all the while it doesn't seem like she is having much fun doing it. Just as she warms up to everyone though and receives a cat macaron from Ichika, the Kirakiraru Thief Maquillon shows up, wanting to steal the Kirakiraru found in the unfinished macarons. How can Yukari help defend them against the evil fairy?
06 Kore tte Rabu!? Kareinaru Kyua Shokora!
"Is This Love!? The Gorgeous Cure Chocolat!"
Bitard 2017-03-12
One day as Ichika falls over a wall, she is again rescued by the mysterious neighbor she met earlier, Akira. Ichika starts to fall in love with them, and her friends suggest visiting a chocolate shop with them. The two of them purchase some chocolate, with some of it intended for Akira's ill sister Miku, but they are soon ambushed by Bitard, who steals the chocolate and precedes to steal the Kirakiraru from the chocolates in the shop. After making some new dog-shaped chocolates for Miku, the Cures are again confronted by Bitard, and the Cures are easily outmatched by him. Will Akira be able to defend their special chocolate from him?
07 Pekorin, Dōnattsu Tsukuru peko~!
"Pekorin, Makes Doughnuts peko~!"
Fueru 2017-03-19
Ichika and the other Cures decide to throw a tea party in honor of the five Cures coming together, so they all decide to make donuts for the snack. Unfortunately, Ichika could not get them to rise properly and they turn out hard. As they make them, Chourou tells the Cures the story about how he and Pekorin used to make sweets with her friends on top of Ichigo Mountain until an explosion separated them all. Hearing the story makes Pekorin very upset and she flies away to hide. Will Ichika be able to cheer her up by making the donuts, Pekorin's favorite sweet, properly?
08 Kira Pati Ōpun...Dekimasen!
"The KiraKira Patisserie...Cannot Open!"
Spongen 2017-03-26

Ichika decides to convert the kitchen into the KIRAKIRA Patisserie to help spread her and her friends' sweets to everyone. They use the Kirakiraru to help decorate the place, but it is still rather shabby and dirty, and the Cures have some difficulty with their jobs. On top of that, a little girl named Emiru who discovers the patisserie, asks if they have sweets for her friends' diverse tastes, but Ichika has a tough time coming up with an idea. Will she be able to come up with one, and will the Cures be able to clean and renovate the patisserie in time?

09 Kira Pati ga Anata no Koi, Kanaemasu!
"KiraKira Patisserie Will Make Your Love Come True!"
Cookacookie 2017-04-02
The Cures have a hard time trying to find a decent location for the KIRAKIRA Patisserie so they could start getting customers. They do end up attracting the attention of Daisuke, a man who wants to reconnect with and admit his feelings to his childhood friend, Midori. They all help by making some cookies he could give to her, but after they give him the finished ones, another Kirakiraru Thief named Cookacookie snatches them away to steal the Kirakiraru in them. Will the Cures save Daisuke's cookies?
10 Yukari VS Akira! Arashi wo Yobu Otsukai!
"Yukari VS Akira! Call Out To The Storm!"
Tarton 2017-04-09
The Cures want to make a fruit tart for the upcoming Sweets Festival, so Yukari and Akira go to find some fruits to make it with. Unfortunately, they have a hard time finding anything, and they instead end up helping a young girl find an old-fashioned brooch and an old lady find an emerald jewel that broke off of her wedding ring. Back at the KIRAKIRA Patisserie, the other three struggle to make the tart, all the while dealing with Yukari and Akira's fangirls. Will Yukari and Akira be able to find some fruit and help their friends?
11 Kessen! Purikyua VS Gamī Shūdan!
"The Decisive Battle! Pretty Cure VS Gummy's Group!"
Kirakiraru Thieves
The day of the Sweets Festival has arrived, and the Cures set up shop to sell their Hedgehog Fruit Tarts. Ichika however, doesn't want her father to be seen with her, so she tells him not to go, but he does anyway. The festival is nearly ruined when a mysterious young man named Julio targets it and sends the Kirakiraru Thieves to attack everyone and steal all the Kirakiraru from the sweets. Will the Cures be able to defend the festival and defeat the thieves once and for all?
12 Teki wa...Motemote Tenkōsei!?
"The Enemy...Is The Popular Transfer Student!?"
Julio 2017-04-23
One day at school, a mysterious new transfer student named Kuroki Rio arrives. He instantly becomes popular with Ichika's classmates, but he seems to have taken an interest in her. She shows Rio, along with Ichika's friend Risa, around the KIRAKIRA Patisserie the next day and makes some Sheep Cupcakes, with him oddly giving her advice along the way. After she eats the cupcakes though, Risa has her Kirakiraru stolen by...Rio! With him revealed to be Julio, how can the Cures stop him?
13 Murimuri! Himari, Masaka no Debyū!
"No Way! Himari's Unexpected Debut!"
Julio 2017-04-30
Ichika, Himari and Aoi have been chosen to help film some PR videos for Ichigozaka's shopping district. While Ichika dresses up as a mascot and Aoi does the filming, Himari is left to be the reporter, interviewing the townspeople. However, her shyness gets in the way of everything, causing the videos to not get that many views. With increased pressure thanks to Rio suggesting to get the Pretty Cures involved, the team decides to move the filming to the patisserie. Will this help Himari overcome her shyness?
14 Ojōsama Rokkun Rōru!
"Rock n' Roll, Young Lady!"
Julio 2017-05-07
Aoi is in the middle of performing a concert with her band Wild Azure when all of a sudden, a butler leaps onto the stage and carries her away without warning. Later on, the other Cures investigate by visiting Aoi's house, only to see her in a fancy dress instead of her usual casual clothes, much to their shock. They learn from Mizushima, the butler, that Aoi is part of a rich family, and that he wants her to quit her band and the patisserie to become more refined. Aoi is clearly uncomfortable with it and doesn't want to quit, but Mizushima won't allow it. Will the Cures be able to convince him to let her continue playing music and making sweets?
15 Ai Yue ni! Ikari no Kyua Shokora!
"It's Because Of Love! The Furious Cure Chocolat!"
Julio 2017-05-14
Akira's younger sister Miku visits the patisserie after being discharged from the hospital for a couple of days. She wants to help everyone else in the shop, but she doesn't know what to do. Miku also wants to make something for her sister in return for the chocolates she gave to her. Ichika then decides to send Akira and Yukari away as a distraction so they could make Akira a poodle-themed chocolate cake. After Miku gives Akira the cake though, Julio appears and steals Miku's Kirakiraru, which greatly angers Akira to the point where she is easily beaten in battle after targeting Julio in a rage. How will she save her sister?
16 Kiken'na Kyū Sekkin! Yukari to Rio!
"The Dangerous Fast Approach! Yukari and Rio!"
Julio 2017-05-21
Yukari has been wondering why Rio knows so much about everyone, so when he confronts her and Akira, she invites him, along with the rest of the Cures, to practice a tea ceremony with her and her grandmother, Shino. While outside, Yukari explains to Rio that she has an older sister, and she has been feeling a lot of pressure as a result of that. Ichika becomes inspired by the ceremony and helps make a Whale Daifuku for the anxious Yukari. Will Yukari be able to step out of her supposed sister's shadow?
17 Saigo no Jikken! Henshin Dekinai Kyua Hoippu!
"The Final Experiment! Cure Whip Can't Transform!"
Julio 2017-05-28
With the thought of Yukari knowing his true identity fresh in his mind, Rio decides to target Ichika, who just received a letter from her mother and now wants to make cookies for her. Rio is reminded of someone he used to be close to when Ichika talks about her love for her mother and for sweets, and it angers him, so he then takes Ichika's Kirakiraru, leaving her devoid of love for anything. He then uses the Kirakiraru to transform his rod into a dark version of the Candy Rod and uses the Cures' own attacks against them, easily outmatching the remaining four. Will Ichika regain her love for sweets before Julio defeats her friends?
18 Uwasa no Nushi wa Kyōteki Biburī!
"The Lady of Rumours is the Strong Enemy, Bibury!"
Bibury 2017-06-04
The KiraKira Patisserie has hardly had any business for the past couple of days, which worries the Cures. They then learn that someone has been spreading rumors about the patisserie, saying that bad things will happen if anyone eats their sweets. They are not sure who has caused this, all the while Ichika starts to feel even more down upon learning about a famous young patisserie named Kirahoshi Ciel coming to Japan. As they deal with the rumors, the Cures try to find the culprit while trying to get everybody to give the patisserie a second chance. Will they be able to find out who's responsible for sabotaging their business?
19 Tensai Patishie! Kirahoshi Shieru!
"The Genius Patissier! Kirahoshi Ciel!"
Bibury 2017-06-11
The famous patisserie Kirahoshi Ciel arrives from Paris to Ichigozaka to set up a special shop for a limited time. The Cures check it out and they are all impressed by Ciel's skill and expertise in creating her sweets. Ichika is so impressed that she asks Ciel if she could be her apprentice, and Ciel accepts her offer. Just how well will Ichika do under Ciel's wing? Can she prove to her that she's just as good of a patisserie as Ciel is?
20 Akogare Mazemaze! Ichika to Shieru!
"Wanting to Mix It All Up! Ichika and Ciel!"
Bibury 2017-06-25
Ichika still desires to be Ciel's apprentice, so she tries to ask her again. In the meantime, she, along with Himari and Aoi, follow Ciel as she gathers some berries in the forest near the mountain. To Ichika's surprise, Ciel seems to recognize the place. While there, the group notices a group of beekeepers and decide to have a pancake-making cook-off between Ichika and Ciel. While Ciel uses her usual methods to make her pancakes, Ichika becomes inspired by a young boy she met who had a book about bears and she makes some based on them. Who will win this cook-off?
21 Nan desu to~!? Akachieru Shieru no Shōtai!
"What!? The True Form of Ciel Is Revealed!"
Bibury 2017-07-02
Ciel encounters Ichika again, asking her about the Kirakiraru in her pancakes, and the two become nervous after they both brought it up, wondering why they both did in the first place. Later that night, Ichika is frightened by some ghostly figures with glowing ears that turn out to be the other fairies that were scattered by the explosion at Strawberry Mountain. The fairies are then all reunited with Pekorin, and the Cures decide to throw a party for them all, with Ichika helping them make mousse cake. Then to their surprise, Ciel arrives and recognizes all the fairies, and reveals to the Cures that she's a fairy herself. How will the Cures react to this news?
22 Yamete Jurio! Nikushimi no Kirakiraru!
"Stop Julio! Kirakiraru of Hatred!"
Julio 2017-07-09
Julio arrives before the Cures again in a last-ditch effort to defeat them once and for all. After he attacks the Cures, he notices Kirarin, who says that he is actually her twin brother Pikario, attempting to stop him, but he pushes her away before sending the Cures to an underground cave. While there, the girls learn about how Kirarin and Pikario lived in France for a time and started learning how to make sweets themselves, until one day Pikario tells her that he hated sweets before running off. They then learn from Julio that he was jealous of Kirarin's talent and her ability to turn into her human form Ciel, thus causing him to cross over to the dark side thanks to Noir. Will the Cures be able to save Pikario?
23 Tobe! Nijiiro Pegasasu, Kyua Parufe!
"Fly! Rainbow Pegasus, Cure Parfait!"
Pikario, Ciel's brother, is restored to his regular fairy form, but still has some resentment toward her. Ciel herself now feelings very sorry for herself for inadvertently pushing her brother away, resulting in him joining Noir's side. As she wallows in her pain, Noir appears and tries to make her into his new servent using the self-hating within her heart, but Ichika and Pikario jump in with her as the darkness surrounds her. Noir then has Bibury battle against the other four Cures by fusing her with Iru. While the Cures struggle against Bibury, Ichika and Julio have a difficult time trying to get through to Ciel, who now feels that nothing could save her. How will they be able to help her snap out of it?
24 Tenkōsei wa Yōsei Kirarin!?
"The Transfer Student is the Fairy, Kirarin!?"
Grave 2017-07-23
Wanting to know her newfound friends better, Ciel decides to enroll in Ichika's school, taking the place of Rio. Ichika and her other classmates are surprised to see her there, with her being perfect in sports and in study. However, when some of her classmates show her their lunch boxes, she suddenly becomes extremely hungry and she involuntarily changes back into her fairy form, Kirarin, before their very eyes, thus starting a chase down the hallways. Will Ichika and her friends be able to get her to a safe place before any more trouble is caused?
25 Dengeki Kekkon!? Purinsesu Yukari!
"Lightning Fast Wedding!? Princess Yukari!"


One day, Prince Nata of the Duchy of Confeito visits the KiraKira Patisserie and asks for Yukari's hand in marriage. Akira, however, stops him before things escalated even further. He then challenges her, not knowing she was actually a girl, to a duel, saying whoever wins these challenges will be able to have Yukari's hand. Akira impressively wins over the prince, but Yukari has decided that she wanted to go with Prince Nata to his country instead, with Akira acting uncertain over the matter. Will she get Yukari to change her mind, or is there something more to her?
26 Natsu da! Umi da! KiraPati Hyōryūki!
夏だ! 海だ! キラパティ漂流記!
"Summer! The Beach! KiraPati's Drifting Story!"


The Cures take a trip to the beach and while they are there, Ichika gets the idea of using the remaining Kirakiraru in the patisserie to create a giant inflatable raft for the KiraKira Patisserie to float on. Unfortunately, a hole is made in the raft, causing the patisserie, and the girls, to float away. They end up landing on a deserted island with no ways and means of getting out, so they go in search for a way that they could make a sweet that will generate enough Kirakiraru to help them get off of it. Meanwhile, Ciel comes across a lonely and saddened Bibury, rendered powerless because Iru would not respond to her. Will the Cures be able to get enough Kirakiraru, and how will Ciel be able to warm up to Bibury?
27 Atsu~i Raibu Batoru! Aoi VS Misaki!
"A Blazing Live Battle! Aoi VS Misaki!"
Elisio 2017-08-13
Aoi and her band Wild Azur are participating in the Blue Rock Festival along with Ganache, the band by led her idol Misaki Ayane. On the day of the show, Aoi meets Ayane, but she seemed a bit cold to her. Aoi also learns that Ganache would be performing at the same time Wild Azur is supposed to, leaving her with hardly anyone in the audience during her performance and discouraging her. When Aoi misunderstands Ichika's words while the Cures were making gummies, she runs off in tears, feeling like a total failure. Elisio notices this and uses her frustration to take control of her and he orders her to attack the festival and destroy the very stage she performed on. Will the Cures snap her out of it before she carries that out?
28 Fukurame! Himari no Suītsu Daijikken!
"Make It Rise! Himari's Great Sweets Experiment!"
Grave 2017-08-20
The author of Himari's favorite book, Tachibana Yuu, arrives at the KiraKira Patisserie and offers Himari to be his assistant for his live experiment. She is at first nervous because of her shyness, but Himari agrees to help him bake a gigantic sponge cake. After helping figure out the logistics of everything and giving her input on how the batter should be made, Himari helps Yuu and his other assistants with making the cake. Will this experiement be a success?
29 Dai Pinchi! Yami ni Somatta Kyua Makaron!
"Big Trouble! Cure Macaron Is Stained By Darkness!"
Elisio 2017-08-27
While working on English homework with Akira, reading one particular part of the story leaves Yukari feeling rather depressed. As it turns out, despite having made more friends, she still has a dark feeling of loneliness, especially around Akira. She consults her grandmother Shino about making a sweet for someone close to her and she provides Yukari with some matcha tea that she makes macarons with. When she goes to deliver them though, Yukari is stopped by Elisio, who uses his cards to conjure up a mirror representing what's inside of her heart, and she curiously walks inside. There, she is met with her younger self and is soon trapped and tortured while learning about the inner darkness in her heart because of that loneliness she had before ignored. Can Macaron escape before she's completely consumed in darkness?
30 Nerawareta Gakuensai! Shokora・In・Wandārando
"The School Festival Is Targeted! Chocolat・In・Wonderland"
Elisio 2017-09-03
Akira is in charge of her high school's "Alice In Wonderland"-themed culture festival. Her sister Miku also comes along, but Akira has to leave her in the care of her grandmother and the other Cures. Throughout the festival, she becomes concerned about Miku while helping out the other kids. While everyone is enjoying themselves, Elisio appears and attacks the festivals, trapping Miku and the townspeople and sending Chocolat to a trial isolated away from the other Cures. There, both Miku and the townspeople slowly have their Kirakiraru extracted, but there is one sadistic catch - Chocolat can only save one of them, leaving her conflicted between saving her sister and the festivalgoers. Who will she choose?
31 Namida wa Gaman! Ichika Egao no Riyū!
"Holding Back The Tears! The Reason Ichika Smiles!"
Grave 2017-09-10
Ichika's mother, Satomi, surprises her with a visit to the KiraKira Patisserie after returning from her work overseas. Ichika goes to spend time with her, but she soon learns that her mother will have to go back overseas the next day, which upsets her. However, she decides to keep it all inside because her mother once told her it would make others sad when she's sad. This adversely affects Ichika's ability to make a strawberry shortcake she had been meaning to make for her, with her attempts ending in failure. Satomi then senses something is off with Ichika and encourages her to let her emotions out. Will Ichika go against what she has been told for years?
32 Kiratto Kagayake Muttsu no Kosei! Kirakiraru Kurīmā!
"With 6 Shining Personalities! Kirakiraru Creamer!"
Bibury 2017-09-17
Having obtained all of the Crystal Animals, the Cures arrive back at the shrine seeking answers from the ancient Pretty Cure. However, they were interrupted by Bibury, who has been put further under Noir's influence. She and the Cures clash, causing both of them to be sent back in time during the Showa era, where Ichigozaka has been stained by darkness. A brief encounter with some evil creatures results in the ancient Cure, Cure Lumiere, interfering, and saving the future Cures. Soon after, they all help make sweets to restore the Kirakiraru of the townspeople, all the while still trying to figure out the Crystal Animals' significance. Meanwhile, Bibury saunders around and learns that it was Noir who made her feel lonely in the first place to get her on his side, and sought out the Cures to help her. Just then, Noir interferes again, leaving Lumiere to defend the town once again and sending the Cures and Bibury back to the present, along with the creamer she used. When they all arrive back, the Cures try to help Bibury when Iru consumes her in even more darkness, turning into a creature that quickly defeats the Cures. Will they be able to save Bibury before she becomes completely consumed?
33 Suītsu ga Kiken! Fukkatsu, Yami no Animaru!
"Sweets Are Dangerous!? Resurrect, Dark Animals!"


A newly purified Bibury starts to work at the KiraKira Patisserie to pay off a debt after eating some of their cupcakes. Meanwhile, Diable, a servant of Noir from the past, shows up and starts to bring darkness to the town. The Cures take notice as he introduces himself to them. He then soon leaves, but not without Bibury explaining Noir's newest intent to cover the town in darkness, and they soon learn the reason behind it lies in the very sweets that they make, and they begin to doubt the power of them because of how it caused other people to be hateful and argue with each other. Will they pull themselves together before Diable succeeds in darkening their town?
34 Chīsana Daikettō! Neko Yukari vs Yōsei Kirarin!
"A Small Yet Big Fight! The Cat Yukari vs The Fairy Kirarin!"
Diable 2017-10-01
One day, Yukari's Crystal Animal collides with her right in the head, causing the two to switch bodies, with human Yukari behaving like a cat and the Crystal Animal growing into a full-sized cat with Yukari's features. She soon learns about conflicts that the town's cats have been having against the fairies over who should use the lake. Kirarin, along with Pekorin and Chourou, arrive with some sweets to get the two groups to put their differences aside, when suddenly a dark force possesses both groups and they begin to scuffle again. How will Cat Yukari be able to figure out who's behind this?
35 Dekoboko Pittari! Himari to Aoi!
"An Odd Match! Himari and Aoi!"
Diable 2017-10-08
Aoi invites Himari to a corporate event at her mansion. To prepare, she along with Mizushima show her how to properly handle any of the sweets they have. On the day of the event, Himari attends along with the rest of the Cures who are working at the patisserie. Her being an average school girl in the eyes of the other guests at the event doesn't help matters much for her, and she doesn't want to upset Aoi for that, even dropping her recipe book in the process. Will the two of them be able to work this out even with the radically different backgrounds?
36 Ichika to Akira! Ichigozaka Undōkai!
"Ichika and Akira! Ichigozaka's Sports Festival!"
Diable 2017-10-15
It is the Sports Festival at Ichigozaka, and Akira has been selected to represent Ichika's neighborhood in the competition. During the games however, Akira starts to show signs of sickness, presumably catching something from when she visited Miku earlier. Ichika is able to figure that out at first when she notices that Akira's Crystal Animal had fallen ill. She tells Akira to rest while she takes her place with the other Cures providing support. As the games continue on though, a powered-up Diable appears and attacks the festival, stealing everyone's Kirakiraru and ensnaring the Cures with his darkness. Will a still ill Akira be able to help in saving everybody?
37 Saryū! Shieru, Furansu e Sarū!?
"Salut! Ciel Is Going Back To France!?"
Elisio 2017-10-22
While preparing sweets for Halloween, Ciel is met with a patisserie named Madame Solaine, who tells her about a sweets contest that will be happening in Paris, and she wants her to return so she can participate. She wonders why Ciel has been staying in Ichigozaka for so long. During this time, she becomes conflicted about whether she wants to stay with the others or leave for her old stomping ground. Meanwhile, the other Cures start to believe that they had been holding her back. What will Ciel's decision be?
38 Pekorin Ningen ni Nacchatta Peko~!
"Pekorin Became A Human Peko~!"


One night, Pekorin has a dream about Cure Lumière, and the next morning, she along with Kirarin and Chourou are shocked to find out that she had turned into a human. The Cures are surprised to learn about this too. Pekorin then decides that she wants to prove herself to her friends by shopping for ingredients alone. Along the way, she not only ends up losing her coin purse, but even turns back into her fairy form at one point during the trip. Will she be able to complete it by herself?
39 Shon'na~! Purikyua no Teki wa Ichigozaka!?
"No Way~! Pretty Cure's Enemy is Ichigozaka!?"
Grave 2017-11-12
One day, the Cures are invited to a special gathering to teach the fairies who have arrived from around the world to make sweets. During that ceremony, the fairies tell the tale of how Lumiere defended the town from Noir's attack ages ago. Meanwhile, Grave, wanting to test out his Diable Custom, attacks Ichigozaka, turning the townspeople into his brainwashed servants. Learning about Grave's attack, the Cures head out and transform, and as they battle against the Nendos, they soon learn the frightening truth about them. With the Cures unable to do much out of fear of hurting the people of Ichigozaka, Grave easily defeats them. How can they save their town?
40 Rettsu・Ra・Okigae! Suītsu Kyassuru Dekiagari!
"Let's・La・Get Changed! The Sweets Castle Is Ready To Serve!"
Grave 2017-11-19
Blessed with Lumière's power, a revived Rio holds his own against Grave and suggests for the Cures to make sweets to produce the kirakiraru needed to counteract the darkness. While Rio and Bibury try to hold off Grave and his minions, the servant of Noir catches wind of the Cures' plan and steals the kirakiraru from the sweets they made before anything could be done. Soon after, he defeats Rio, shattering his wand, before defeating the Cures once again. With the Cures powerless, the townspeople turned against them, and Ichigozaka being completely shrouded in darkness, all hope seems lost. Or is it?
41 Yume wa Kira☆Pika Mugendai!
"Dreams Will Forever Shine☆Bright!"
Elisio 2017-11-26
With Rio now awakened after a long slumber, Ciel is extremely excited to finally be reunited with him. The two of them go around Ichigozaka to help Rio get reacquainted with everyone. That night however, it looked as if he was going around the town stealing kirakiraru like he did in the past. The next morning, Ciel's patisserie is met with angry shopowners accusing Rio of stealing the kirakiraru. Ciel is shocked to hear about those accusations and knows that her brother is innocent, but Rio still feels guilty for everything he had actually done in the past. Ciel tries to reason with him, but Rio runs away, afraid that him being around her would cause those dark feelings to rise again. Will Ciel be able to clear her brother's name and get him to remember his dream?
42 Utae WOW! Aoi Rasuto Songu!
"Sing WOW! Aoi's Last Song!"
Elisio 2017-12-03
After a performance with her band Wild Azur, Aoi is shocked to find out from Kei that he plans on splitting the band up after the next battle of the bands they were planning on participating in against Misaki. This makes Aoi depressed, remembering the time she was asked to join the band after Kei saw her performing. Her friends then decide to cheer her up by throwing a slumber party. This helps Aoi gain the confidence to write the perfect final song for Wild Azur to perform. However, on the day of the battle, just as Aoi and her band take the stage, Elisio attacks. Will Aoi be able to defend her stage?
43 Kakushi Aji wa Yūki Desu! Himari no Mirai Reshipi!
"The Hidden Taste is Courage! Himari's Future Recipe!"
Elisio 2017-12-10
Himari learns about an audition to become an assistant on a cooking show and decides to try out for it now that she has become more confident. When she arrives at the audition, she learns that she is up against a bunch of idols and starts to become nervous again. The time comes for her to appear before the judges and she ends up going on yet another ramble about sweets, which leaves them wondering whether or not she would be suitable for the position. Will Himari be able to pass the audition?
44 Yuki ni Himeta Omoi! Ai wo Sakebe, Akira!
"Feeling Hidden In Snow! Scream For Love, Akira!"
Elisio 2017-12-17
While visiting her sister Miku at the hospital, Akira tells her about how she aspires to become a researcher to learn more about her condition. However, Miku objects to that idea because she doesn't want Akira doing so just for her. Later that day, Miku receives a mysterious phone call from Elisio, who augments her guilt about Akira's decision being for her sake, and he then kidnaps her. Akira soon learns of Miku's disappearance and is soon transported to Noir's world and has to face off against Elisio, all the while Miku is trapped within a monster snowman. Will Akira be able to rescue her sister?
45 Sayonara Yukari! Tokimeki✩Suītsu Kurisumasu!
"Farewell Yukari! Exciting✩Sweets Christmas!"
Elisio 2017-12-24
Christmas approaches, and Yukari suggests that the Cures throw a huge party at the KiraKira Patisserie to celebrate. One day, she asks Ciel to help her make the perfect macaron, and works on that and decorating the patisserie deep into the night. The next morning, the other Cures arrive to a beautiful setting for the party and a sleepy Yukari and Kirarin, along with some perfectly made macarons. At the night of the party, everyone enjoys the party when Yukari announces to the Cures and the crowd that she plans on leaving for the Kingdom of Confeito to study about sweets abroad. How do the Cures react to the sudden news?
46 Nowāru Daisakusen! Egao no Kieta Bāsudē!
"Noir's Grand Battle! The Smiles That Disappeared On A Birthday!"

It is Ichika's birthday, and she wonders what exactly she wants to do in the future, while the rest of her friends have theirs figured out. Meanwhile, Noir prepares for his final battle against the Cures, fusing himself with Elisio. The girls, along with Ichika's parents and a few guests, celebrate her birthday at the KiraKira Patisserie. Just as Ichika is about to blow the candles out of her special cake, Noir launches his attack, quickly staining the town in darkness and leaving her parents and the guests inside to suffer. Distraught over Noir ruining her happiness so quickly, Ichika, along with the others, prepares to transform so they could all finish Noir off once and for all. Will they be able to save the world from falling into darkness?

47 Daisuki wo Torimodose! Cure Pekorin Dekiagari!
"Bring Back The Love! Cure Pekorin is Ready To Serve!"
Unaffected by Elisio's attack thanks to some quick thinking on Cure Whip's part, Pekorin and Chourou start to look for the Cures in a now gray and quiet Ichigozaka. Pekorin eventually finds the girls, along with Kirarin, but her attempts to speak to them fail because they do not remember her nor their roles as Pretty Cure. Determined to bring their emotions and memories back, Pekorin quickly makes a batch of donuts to get them to remember, but before anything could be done, a revived Grave, now a police officer, arrests her and Chourou and confiscates the donuts. They are then sent to a waste management building where he plans on dropping the donuts in the incinerator. Will Pekorin be able to rescue them, and restore the Cures' emotions and memories?
48 Saigo no Tatakai! Sekai Marugoto Rettsu・Ra・Mazemaze!
"The Final Battle! Let's・La・Mix Up the Whole World!"
Elisio 2018-01-21
Now with their love restored, the Cures prepare to battle against Elisio and restore the rest of Ichigozaka. Elisio, now wanting to seal the Cures away forever, fuses with Noir and Lumière's powers to take on a new and more powerful form. Despite the Cures' best efforts, he is able to overpower them easily. However, they are still determined to bring their people's love back, and using their A La Mode style, were able to successfully fight back against him and helped everyone else remember the things that they love. Unfortunately, in a last-ditch effort, Elisio absorbs the Cures and the entire world inside of his body, and the Cures then watch helplessly as the people they love disappear before their eyes. Will they find a way to restore the world?
49 Daisuki no Saki e! Hoippu・Suteppu・Jānpu!
"Beyond Love! Whip・Step・Jump!"
Chourou (body) 2018-01-28
It has been one year since the Cures restored the planet, and everyone has started on the track of doing the things that they love...except for Ichika. It is also the last day for the patisserie, and Yukari even returns during a break from studying overseas, bringing a new customer carrying a mysterious baby. After she leaves, the girls notice Ichika glancing at photos of different places and wonder why she is doing it. Just then, Ichika tearfully admits that she wants to keep her promise to Elisio to spread her love of sweets all around the world, but doesn't want to leave the patisserie behind. It is after that that they discover that they have one last threat to take care of - the discarded body of Chourou that became sentient because of neglect from the others. Will the Cures save Chourou's body, and who is the mysterious new Cure who helps them?

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