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Kirakiraru Toei

The Kirakiraru (キラキラル Kirakiraru?) is the source of energy that dwells inside sweets. It gives their powers to the Pretty Cures in KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode. Without them, the Pretty Cures may not be able to transform or attack.

Characteristics and Powers

The Kirakiraru consists of small, colorful stars which, if you eat them, fill one with happiness. It can also be used to create furniture and decoration for the KiraKira Patisserie. In episode 11, the Kirakiraru created the Cures' weapon, the Candy Rod.

The Kirakiraru is not only part of sweets but resides in people's hearts as well. If the Kirakiraru is handled by the wrong hands, its power could be used for chaos and destruction. At first, the villain Julio experiments with the power of Kirakiraru by transforming the Kirakiraru Thieves into Kirakiraru monsters, who are able to drain the power from sweets or desserts, turning the sweets black. This in turn transforms them into stronger monsters which are formidable enemies.

Starting from episode 12, Julio steals the Kirakiraru himself and powers up his weapon with it, turning it black by shouting "Noir Decoration!" Julio, however, steals the Kirakiraru from the heart of a person who has eaten a sweet filled with love; the target promptly faints.

After he is defeated, Bibury takes his place and uses the stolen Kirakiraru to turn her puppet, Iru, into a larger monster based on whatever sweets she has drained; she also directs Iru to send the stolen Kirakiraru to Noir's lair. Unlike Julio, she targets both people and sweets. From episode 18 on, Bibury uses Iru to absorb any Kirakiraru that's around her, turning it black by chanting "Noir Filling!"



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