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KKPCALM32 The Kirakiraru Creamer Appears

The Kirakiraru Creamer (キラキラル クリーマー Kirakiraru Kurīmā?) is the weapon that the six Cures gain after collecting the six Crystal Animals. It is a transformed version of Cure Lumiere's creamer and it first appeared in episode 32 while trying to save Bibury. It allows the Cures to use Animal Go Round and can be used outside of their Cure forms to summon their Crystal Animals.


The Kirakiraru Creamer resembles the one Cure Lumiere used. The top half is light pink with an arch on the top decorated with tiny ribbons in the Cures' respective colors. At the bottom is the base where the Crystal Animals or their Animal Sweets can be inserted. The center part is light pink with a golden yellow star and ribbon accents, and in the middle of the star is a hollowed section to show one of six Kirakiraru stars of the Cures' respective colors. The stars can be put into the Crystal Animals by having the Cure press the button at the bottom part of the creamer, which is dark pink with a translucent accent that resembles a nozzle.

Main uses

The creamer is used by the Cures to perform Animal Go Round, their first attack with Cure Parfait. They can also be used to summon the Crystal Animals even outside of battle. Animals Sweets can be inserted into them as well for the Cures to decorate their animals.



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