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Kise Yuuichi  (黄瀬 勇一 Kise Yūichi?) is a minor character in the series Smile Pretty Cure!. He is the late husband of Kise Chiharu and the father of Kise Yayoi.

Physical Appearance

Yuuichi was a handsome man with short brown hair that has bangs hanging above his eyebrows and brown eyes.


According to Kise Chiharu, Yuuichi was a kind, gentle and somewhat stubborn man who was very awkward at expressing affection. Nevertheless, the everlasting love between him and his family is clear.


When Kise Yayoi was born, her grandparents suggested various names to give her, but Yuuichi rejected them all and declared that her name would be Yayoi. Yuuichi and Yayoi were very close when the latter was younger. On a Father's Day when Yayoi was four years old, she gave him a card and an origami fox, something he always treasured.

One day, the father and daughter went to a church so Yayoi could play wedding with her father. While they were inside, Yuuichi told her a secret: he chose her name because "Yayoi" is an archaic name for the month of March and her mother's name, "Chiharu", means "a Thousand Springs" and he wanted her to grow up to become a kind and gentle woman like her mother.

Some years later, Yuuichi died when Yayoi was five and the cause of his death is unknown, but it is possible that he probably died from an accident or illness.


Kise Yayoi - Yayoi is Yuuichi's daughter whom she was very close to and he loves her that he once said he would always be relaxed when Yayoi comes to him after a stressing time from work.






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