クライン Kurain
SeasonFresh Pretty Cure!
Hair ColorYellow
First AppearanceFPC09
Japanese Voice ActorHiwatari Koji

Klein (クライン Kurain?) is a middle-aged man who is one of the villains Fresh Pretty Cure!. He appears to be one of the elite members of Labyrinth. His theme colors are shades of yellow and indigo.


He appears as Moebius right-hand and gives Eas, Westar and Soular some orders of Moebius. He also sends the mail about Eas' death time, but when she is resurrected as Cure Passion, he is surprised.

He assists Moebius' plan to control the parallel worlds and he observes the inhabitants from Labyrinth. When he finds out, that they are cheering the Pretty Cures he decides to fight them, when Northa is defeated. He transforms into his monster form and beats them down. Northa propounds to fuse together and he accepts this.

The fusion of them is powerful enough to stand against the Cures' strongest attacks and beats them down, but the energy of the inhabitants gives the Cures the power to transform into Cure Angels. Then, Northa/Klein is finally defeated by the attack Loving True Heart and both Klein and Northa turn back into their original forms.

In episode 49, it is revealed that he was created by Moebius using the DNA of a Lizard.


Klein is able to navigate Moebius' computer system which allowed him to observe the people of Labyrinth. He can also teleport.

He can transform into a large humanoid lizard; this form is strong and fast enough to defeat the Pretty Cures in combat. When he fuses with Northa, they become to a human-sized dragon-hybrid and become more powerful. It is strong enough to negate Triple Fresh and Happiness Hurricane and it is able to break out from Lucky Clover Grand Finale. This fusion is far stronger than Pretty Cures, but it weaker than the Cure Angels. It can use energy blasts.


Klein bottle is a form of infinite mathematical object, adding to the overall theme of Infinity and being close to Moebius, whose name is a reference to similar object named Möbius strip.


  • The fusion of Klein and Northa is voiced by Northa's voice actress.


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