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Kome-Kome (コメコメ?) is a fox-like Energy Fairy from Delicious Party♡Pretty Cure. She originates from CooKingdom, is the Energy Fairy of Rice, and is Yui's fairy partner. She ends her sentences with ~kome! (~コメ!?).

Her full name is Connectal Mochimochitto Fukkurara Glycogen Komex II (コネクトル・モチモチット・フックララ・グリコーゲン・コメックス二世?).



Kome-Kome is a fox-like fairy with white fur. She wears a hot pink collar around her neck, that has a white frilly layer, and a hot pink heart jewel in the middle. When she combines forces and transforms with Yui, she enters her "rice ball form".

As a baby, she turns into a human but retains her ears and tail. She wears a magenta onesie with a white bib that has her heart jewel on it and cream-colored socks. She has short pale pink hair with darker ombre toward the bottom, pink eyes, and rosy cheeks.

When she grows to a young toddler, her hair grows a little and gains a hot pink bow on the left. She wears a long-sleeved pale yellow shirt with a magenta jumper with two pink buttons over it along with matching magenta boots with white trim on top and white puffs on each foot.


Kome-Kome is young, innocent and energetic. She is eager to grow up and become capable like her fairy and human friends.


  • Nagomi Yui: She deeply admires Yui, and wants to grow up to become just like her.
  • Pam-Pam and Mem-Mem: They act as older siblings to her, and she gets along with them.


Kome (?) means "rice" in Japanese. [1]


Meeting Yui

Kome-Kome arrives on Earth with Rosemary. She gets distracted by a nearby fruits shop, where a customer picks her up thinking she's a peach. Kome-Kome is thrown into the customer's pram, which starts rolling down the hill. Kome-Kome tries to stop the pram, but almost loses it when Yui stops it for her. There, she meets Yui and is given a rice ball. Remembering that Rosemary is hungry, she takes Yui to Rosemary who takes him to her family diner.

Sometime later, she joins Rosemary with confronting Gentlu, and even tries her best to stop the Ubauzo who is holding Yui, but she is easily blown away. But soon after, Yui's words cause the jewel on Kome-Kome's scarf to react, giving Yui the Heart Cure Watch. This allows Kome-Kome to help Yui transform into Cure Precious and defeat the Ubauzo.DPPC01

The Errand and Becoming A Human Baby

After Pam-Pam awakens, Kome-Kome gets upset that Yui isn't paying attention to her. Remembering that Yui needs to buy some carrots for the curry, Kome-Kome decides to buy them so Yui will praise her and pat her on the head. But once at the fruits shop, Kome-Kome realizes she has no way of buying the carrots herself. Luckily, Fuwa Kokone sees her and buys the carrots for Kome-Kome. On the way back home, Kome-Kome gets lost in a forest but is found by Shinada Takumi, who takes her back to Yui. She is praised by Yui for buying the carrots.

After the battle with Gentlu, Kome-Kome naps in the Heart Cure Watch, when she suddenly turns into a human baby. This surprises Yui and Rosemary, but Pam-Pam explains that Kome-Kome is a special Energy Fairy. With the help of Pam-Pam, Kome-Kome expresses how she wants to grow up quickly so she can be like Yui. Afterwards, Kome-Kome eats the curry with her friends.DPPC03

Becoming A Human Toddler

During a gathering party between the three girls and Rosemary, Kome-Kome is babysat by Kokone and Ran while Yui goes to wash the dishes. However, she grows weary and cranky after staying in human form for a while, which troubles both Kokone and Ran as they struggle to agree with each other about her condition.

After the girls finish another fight with Gentlu, Kome-Kome becomes happier and grows into a toddler, gaining the ability to learn how to speak and walk, much to the team's happiness.DPPC09


  • Kome-Kome's birthday is on August 18th, making her Zodiac sign Leo. Her birthday falls on Rice Day.
  • Kome-Kome is the first main fairy in the franchise to be based on a fox.
  • Every time she gets happier, her growth will speed up. However, staying in human form for a while can make her tired.


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