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Korone (コロネ Korone?) is a pet cat of Hyuuga's family, picked up by Saki five years ago. Korone is usually seen napping or laying around PANPAKA Pan Bakery.


One day a younger Saki found a lost little kitten in the Ash Grove and felt sympathetic for him (episode 33). Saki brought it home, but her parents were against keeping it, because they didn't know how customers would feel with a cat in the shop. Out of anger, Saki ran back outside, still holding Korone, she ran down the block from home. Her dad chased after her while calling for her, trying to get her to stop but it didn't help much. She continued to run until Korone jumped from her arms. It turned towards her dad and began to make noise, alerting him of the approaching bicycle a young man had been riding. Due to the weather, his ride was a slippery one and when he saw Saki in front of him, his steering got worse and he almost hit her. But luckily Saki's father was able to grab her and safely pull her aside. Korone was able to see the bike and kept Saki safe, so her father reconsidered and they have kept Korone since.


Korone is like many other cats, somewhat lazy and is normally seen laying around. While it's not a violent or mean cat, it is often said it should be friendlier. It tends to ignore others' attempts to play with it or give it attention most of the time. It cares for Saki and her family and wants to protect them.

Korone is quite mysterious and seems to know about Saki and Mai's secret identities. It frequently talks to Moop and Foop and helps them during the last episodes. Korone seems to be able to suspect the Dark Fall's minions, such as growling whenever Kintoleski visits Panpaka Pan. It rarely gets angry and only does that if someone's harming Saki and her friends and family.


Korone is a tabby cat with dark grey stripes and a white underside.


  • Along with Chuutaro, Korone knows about its owner's secret identity and is friends with their fairies.
  • Korone was named after Panpaka Pan chocolate cornets.[1] The reason why its name is written in katakana.



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