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Kudou Mayu (工藤真由 Kudō Mayu?) is a minor character in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and Heartcatch Pretty Cure!, based off the homonymous singer of many theme songs within the Pretty Cure franchise. In both cases, she appears as a cameo character along with another singer of the franchise, Miyamoto Kanako and Ikeda Aya, respectively.



In Yes! 5, Mayu has maroon eyes and shoulder-length dark maroon hair that frames her face with fluffy forelocks covering her ears and her bangs mostly brushed to the right, with several loose strands fanning towards the left with a longer section around the cheek. In Heartcatch, her hair is dark brown and wavy, worn in a high ponytail held by a blue bow to match her eyes. Both of her incarnations were only seen in the respective seasons' uniforms and are quite tall, standing half a head taller than her friends.


In Yes! 5, Mayu seems to be a bit jumpy, as her friend Miyamoto Kanako startled her by suddenly jumping forward while talking to Minazuki Karen and the other four girls.

In Heartcatch, she and her friend Ikeda Aya have a strong stage fright and are unconfident about their singing skills and they tend to run away instead of singing in front of their schoolmates. However, they are able to overcome their stage fright.


Yes! Pretty Cure 5

Mayu and Kanako find a student's lost shoe in a school's garden and then go to the student council's president Minazuki Karen to report this. When Karen ask the girls, where they found that shoe, Kanako answers her. After that, they go away.

Heartcatch Pretty Cure!

Mayu and Ikeda Aya are the singers of the light music club. They should have a live performance during the school festival, but both are too nervous and are afraid that the other student would laugh at them, so they run away. When the members of the fashion club convince them to step onto the stage, the stage fright overcomes the two girls again. Cobraja uses their stage fright, takes their heart flowers and transform their flowers into a Desertrian. After the girls get their heart flowers back, the fashion club and the light music club do together a fashion show with a concert. Mayu and Aya perform their song HEART GOES ON. In the final episodes, Mayu and Aya appear as some of the surviving people, whose heart flowers were saved by the Pretty Cure before.



Yes! Pretty Cure 5

Heartcatch Pretty Cure!

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