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Kujou Hikari (九条 ひかり Kujō Hikari?) is one of the main characters in the series Futari wa Precure Max Heart and she is considered to be the "life" of the Queen, a part of her spirit that appeared when the Queen, as a whole is broken up into three parts: the Heartiels, the embodiment of her will; Hikari, who represents the Queen's life; and the Queen Chairect, her heart. She has lost all of her abilities and memories from being Queen and is living as a passive human girl. She makes friends and goes to Verone Academy with Misumi Nagisa and Yukishiro Honoka and works for Fujita Akane's mobile store.

Her alter ego is Shiny Luminous (シャイニールミナス Shainī Ruminasu?).

She grasps the concept of being Shiny Luminous quite quickly but is always wondering about her past and often stares at the sky.



Hikari has olive green eyes and long blonde hair worn in a braid over the shoulder, tied with a small bow and heart, a pale pink scrunchie, and red clips. When not in uniform, she is often seen in an off-white long sleeved shirt with a magenta tank top underneath, cuffed blue jeans, and pink and white sneakers.

In the Max Heart movie, she also wears a short pale yellow frilly dress with bows on the straps, white gloves, and pink ballet flats. In the second Max Heart movie, she wore a large light pink turtleneck sweater beneath a purple Tako Cafe apron, denim pants, and sneakers.

As Shiny Luminous, her hair brightens in color and grows out very long, worn in a pair of pigtails held by dark pink bows with red hearts. She gains gold heart earrings. She wears a light pink ruffled dress with white frilly trim and a band going down the center lined in pink. On the chest is a white ribbon adorned by a ruby heart, and yellow ribbon wraps around the waist held together by a smaller heart with a purse hanging from it. Her shoes are light pink with pink sole and white ruffled leg warmers to match her sleeves, decorated with pink bows and ruby hearts.

With the golden powers, her entire outfit turns gold while her earrings and brooch turn silver and resemble diamonds.

As Super Shiny Luminous, her lighter hair grows longer. Her dress lengthens and gains additional pale yellow details, her chest brooch changing in shape and turning magenta. She also gets feathery trim on her sleeves and arm warmers while her leg warmers have additional hearts on them and slightly alter in shape.


Having lost all memories of her life as the Queen, Hikari lives life as a passive human girl. Initially a blank state because of this, she comes off as naive, innocent, and wide-eyed while trying to adjust to her sudden life. She quickly befriended Nagisa and Honoka after formally meeting them. Hikari is nice and polite, and very considerate towards others. It's hard to get her upset, and her gentle disposition tends to worry others. She usually keeps things to herself to avoid worrying others or upsetting them.


Misumi Nagisa and Yukishiro Honoka - Nagisa and Honoka met Hikari at Akane's stall. Since becoming Shiny Luminous, the three have become good friends, and have shown her many things during her time in the Garden of Rainbows. The two can also be seen as motherly figures for Hikari due to their caring nature and being protective with her when she's in danger.

Pollun - She befriends Pollun after he ran into her and feeling a connection together, he was officially given to her to keep an eye on. She never yells at Pollun and is always concerned for his well-being, which makes him worry since getting mad at a friend is one way to show someone cares about them.

Lulun - Hikari has a motherly relationship with her and will protect her to the extent that she can, as shown when she got lost in an amusement park and later found her attacked by Circulas.

Fujita Akane - Akane met Hikari and quickly took her in, saying she was her cousin. She has a motherly or older-sister relationship with her and will gently scold Hikari should she show up late.

Tabata Nao and Kagayama Miu - Her classmates who befriended Hikari when they approached her one day. They are similar to Nagisa and Honoka, which allowed Hikari to feel comfortable enough around them to properly befriend them.

Kujou Hikaru - Hikari and the mysterious little boy had many meetings through the season, leaving them to wonder how they knew each other and often thinking about them. At the end of the series he was revealed to be alive and is now Hikari's biological little brother.

Yamabuki Inori - Towards the end of Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 3: Eien no Tomodachi, all of the Cures are seen interacting with one another. In the pre-credits image, Hikari can be seen chatting with Inori.


Kujō (九条?): Ku (?) translates to nine, and jou (?) translates to article; clause; condition. The use of the number nine could be a loose reference to the Queen splitting herself into multiple parts, particularly since nine is divisible by three, the number of parts the Queen divided herself into. The jou may also refer to her role as the life of the Queen; queen in Japanese is jouou.[1]

Hikari (ひかり?): Translates to light, which Shiny Luminous's powers are based on.

Her name means "nine article light."


Hikari first appears beside a river wondering who she is. The Queen's voice tells her that her name is Hikari. Then she goes to Tako Cafe and meets Fujita Akane. Sometime later, when the Pretty Cure visit Tako Cafe as well, Akane introduces Kujou Hikari as her cousin. That may have been because of the mysterious power of the Queen. When the girls meet each other, Honoka feels some uncertain connections between them and Hikari feels the same. In episode 5, when a Zakenna starts to attack her, Pollun runs towards her and she transforms with Pollun into Shiny Luminous. Elder and Wisdom recognize Hikari as the Queen's life.

After that, the girls begin to collect the Heartiels. During the season, they have to face off against new villains (Circulas, Uraganos and Viblis), guardians of the representation of the life of Evil King (Boy in the mansion), which has the look and character of a small child. Hikari and the boy have an encounter that leaves the two marked. The girls also find a new source of power, the Sparkle Bracelets, and fight with the four guardians and meet Pollun's little sister, Lulun, who later gives a new power to Hikari, which turns out to be the Heartiel Brooch. The boy from the mansion and Hikari meet again when she visits Kyoto. Hikari begins to understand who that boy is and Baldez, the leader of the dark guardians, realize that the balance between light and darkness is becoming weaker.

When Pretty Cures collect 11 of the 12 Heartiels, Hikari suddenly disappears. She awakes in the Dotsuku Zone, with the boy from the mansion. They start a ritual and Baldez uses it to resurrect the Evil King. But Nagisa and Honoka refuse to allow Hikari to resurrect herself as the Queen of Light and continue to fight alone. Hikari watches their fight and decides to start the resurrection by herself.

Hikari sings in Go Go Dream Live

Hikari is taken to the Garden of Light in the end, and the Queen reawakens and resembles her transformed form. Later, she grants the rest of the team the final finisher: Extreme Luminaro Max. Since she is combined into the Queen again, Honoka and Nagisa thought that they can never see her again. But soon after their graduation ceremony, they went to visit Akane's Cafe. Hikari somehow was able to separate from the Queen. Not only that, she brought Hikaru along too.

Shiny Luminous

"Shining life, Shiny Luminous!
The light's heart and the light's will, for the sake of uniting all as one!"

Kagayaku inochi, Shainī Ruminasu!
Hikari no kokoro to hikari no ishi, subete wo hitotsu ni suru tame ni!

Luminous introducing herself.

After Hikari came to Nagisa and Honoka's world, Pollun stated he was getting ready for an "awakening". During the fight against Circulas, the said awakening came to pass. Pollun became the Touch Commune, allowing Hikari to become Shiny Luminous. After Lulun appears, she gets the Heartiel Brooch on her bow, which gave Shiny Luminous the power to project a force field whenever she was attacked.

As Shiny Luminous, she wields the Heart Baton, and uses this for Heartiel Action, as well as combining strength with Cure Black and Cure White to perform Extreme Luminario, later upgraded to Extreme Luminario Max for the final battle as the reborn Queen. She is very strong and is a lot of help in battles, she often gets protection from Cure Black and Cure White but they don't know as long as she's with them no protection is needed.

Golden Powers

Luminous’s Golden Powers.

In the first movie of Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, Shiny Luminous, along with Cure Black and Cure White, gains an upgraded version of her outfit thanks to the power of the Diamond Line, accessories of the queen in the Garden of Hope.

This form is not seen again, most likely because it needs the power of the accessories to be activated, and it is no longer possible for the girls to visit the Garden of Hope again.

Power of the Phoenix

Phoenix Shiny Luminous

In Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart 2: Yukizora no Tomodachi, Hinata ran out of power after the fight against Frozen and Freezen and was out cold. Shiny Luminous was inspired by Hinata's desire to fly, and encouraged her to not give up. She, Cure Black, Cure White, the Sage of the Garden of Clouds, Muta, Mepple, Mipple, Pollun, and Lulun all transfer their powers to the newborn. This allows Shiny Luminous to undergo a second transformation, and turn Hinata into a phoenix.

She gets a boost in powers, as she used it to restore all of Hinata's energy. In this form, the Heart Baton becomes a lighter pink, and uses fire powers.

After awakening Hinata again, her upgrade disappears, and is never seen again. This may be because it was summoned by Hinata, who is now in the Garden of Clouds as a fully realized phoenix. However, in Pretty Cure All Stars DX 2: Kibou no Hikari - Rainbow Jewel o Mamore!, Shiny Luminous' Cure Rainbow form resembles this up-grade.

Rainbow Shiny Luminous

Rainbow Shiny Luminous (レインボーシャイニールミナス Reinbō Shainī Ruminasu?) is an upgrade Shiny Luminous gains in Pretty Cure All Stars DX 2: Kibou no Hikari - Rainbow Jewel o Mamore!. Together with the others' upgrades, the group of seventeen girls form the group Cure Rainbow. This upgraded outfit resembles that of Shiny Luminous' upgrade in Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart 2: Yukizora no Tomodachi with slight changes and a pair of small gold wings.


Hikari's voice actor, Tanaka Rie, has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. One of them includes a group song with Honna Yoko, who voices Misumi Nagisa, and also Yukana, who voices Yukishiro Honoka.

Group Song



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