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Kumata (クマタ Kumata?) is a character from Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!: Kiseki no Henshin! Cure Mofurun!. He first appears as Dark Matter (ダークマター Dākumatā?), the main antagonist of the movie.


Kumata is a black bear with blue triangular inner ears, yellow eyes and tortilla snout and belly. He wears a red scarf around his neck.


As Dark Matter, he is ruthless, aggressive and selfish, always using brute force to achieve what he wishes for, going as far as abducting Mofurun to grant his own wish.

Deep down, however, Kumata is extremely lonely and craves for companionship. He also becomes remorseful when he accidentally renders Mofurun lifeless, implying that he does have conscience and kindness.


Dark Matter is a black bear who in the past acquired the ability to use magic. Because both people and other bears are afraid of him, he lives alone. His resentment of all magic leads him to the Wishing Stone, which he wants to use to remove all magicians from the world. When the Wishing Stone chooses Mofurun, he abducts her and tries to get her to grant his wish. First he tries to become her friend as Kumata, but when she refuses to grant his wish, he turns back into Dark Matter and tries to force her with her friends as hostages. When the Wishing Stone grants Mofurun's wish to protect her friends, Dark Matter attacks her furiously, only stopping when he destroys Mofurun's Linkle Stone. When Mofurun reverts to a lifeless teddy bear, Dark Matter is surprised to find that he's crying for the loss of his only friend too. After he turns back into Kumata, his magic power becomes a giant shadow that starts attacking the whole Magic World. At the end of the movie, a now magic-less Kumata becomes friends with the bears of the forest.

Kumata makes a cameo appearance in episode 50, flying by on a magic carpet.


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