Kururun (くるるん?) is a seal-like fairy from Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure. They are from Grand Ocean, and is the current Mermaid Queen's pet. Their cry is "kururun!" (くるるん~!?)



Kururun looks like a pinkish white seal with a peach-colored tail and pink heart shaped ears. Their eyes are blue with cyan heart shaped accents.


Kururun is a seal-like fairy who goes at their own pace.


  • Laura: Their caretaker, and they are good friends, though sometimes Laura has trouble understanding them.


Kururun is requested by the Mermaid Queen to deliver an important item to Laura, but they lose it on the way and they end up getting washed up on the beach. They meet the girls, who volunteer to help them retrieve the item. After the item, which turns out to be some sweets from the Queen, is found, Kururun decides to stay with them. TRPC07


  • Kururun loves seashell cookies.


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