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Kyoto (教頭 Kyōtō?) is the vice-principal of Magic School from the Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! series.


Kyoto has auburn hair and wears a dark purple witch hat with a pink ribbon around the base of it and a white veil coming from its back. She has turquoise eyes and wears red earrings with gold trim on her ears. She wears a dark purple cape-like shirt with gold trim and a turtleneck. Her dress is purple and frilly at the bottom, grey socks and black shoes.


Vice-principal of Magic School, she is rather strict and is the one who created the rules and regulations at the school. She often has to give Kouchou advice.


She is first seen scolding Riko after she comes back from the No Magic World without permission and even brings a human back with her. Riko tells her that they became Pretty Cure but she doesn't believe her and tells her to stay in the classroom while she thinks of a punishment with the Kouchou. While on her way back, she sees Riko running outside and is shocked to see that she had disobeyed her order. She is soon shocked to see that the Kouchou had allowed both Riko and Mirai to study magic.

She is seen watching the girl's first lesson with Isaac-sensei mentions how it seems tough.



Kyoto (教頭?) means 'vice-principal' (of Magic School).



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