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Lance (ランス Ransu?) is a bear-like fairy mascot, one of the four main mascots in Doki Doki! Pretty Cure. He is the youngest out of the four mascots, and is a little spoiled. His partner is Cure Rosetta. He ends his sentences with "~de lance" (and sometimes "~lance").


Lance is a pastel gold bear-like fairy with large rounded ears that have a goldenrod club shape on them, a button nose, white muzzle, and pink blushed cheeks. His vibrant orange eyes have goldenrod, downward slanted lash markings reminiscent of wings. He has a big puffed tail. He wears a goldenrod scalloped fabric around his neck and a headband made from four orange flowers with a silver heart medallion in the middle.

In human form, Lance resembles a preschooler with curly bright orange hair to match his eyes. He wears a soft gold jumper with a white T-shirt.


As the youngest Lance is naturally a bit spoilt and childish. He is helpful and kind though, but he can be air-headed and listless when trying to contribute.


Lance first appears with Sharuru and Raquel over Clover tower when Mana and Cure Sword are faced with the crab Jikochuu. He later gets lost but runs into Alice who takes him home where he becomes her partner. He is seen eating a parfait while Alice talks to the other girls about what she knows.


Yotsuba Alice: Lance is Alice's transformation partner. He loves her a lot ever since they met.


Lance has the rare ability to fly, and turn into a Commune helping Alice to transform. In episode 29 he gains the ability to transform into human. Also he can transform in a boot, and it is unknown if he can take more forms.


Lance (ランス) - Is based on Lancelot (one of the Knights of the Round Table in Arthurian legend), the Jack of Clubs in the traditional Paris court card name.


  • Lance is the first bear-like mascot.
  • He differs from the other mascots in Doki Doki! by not having a certain kind of bow where his heart medallion is located, instead he has a floral headband, possibly to fit the theme of Cure Rosetta.


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