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Land Beat Dynamic (ランドビートダイナミック?) is the second group attack that the Cures perform in Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure. It is first performed in episode 29 and requires the Tropical Heart Dresser and the Land Heart Kuru Ring.


Cure Summer places the Land Heart Kuru Ring into the Tropical Heart Dresser and winks to the mirror. Then she moves her hand into a circular motion in front of the dresser, causing a pink heart-shaped light to emerge. The Cures raise their hands towards the light, with the light turning into a pink dome. They then transform into their Excellen-Tropical Style forms. The dresser’s mirror then detaches from the dresser base. Summer catches it and waves her hand in front of it until the entire mirror glows. The light emerges from the mirror and turns into a pink elephant, which everyone sends towards the enemy. Upon impact, it becomes a “V” shape, trapping the enemy. The Cures then jump into the air to declare victory, purifying the enemy.



Cure Summer: ランド ハートクルリング!
All: おめかしアップ!
All: エクセレン・トロピカルスタイル!
All: 五つの力 大地を照らせ!
All: プリキュア!ランドビートダイナミック!
All: ビクトリー!


Cure Summer: Rando Hāto Kuru Ringu!
All: Omekashi Appu!
All: Ekuseren Toropikaru Sutairu!
All: Itsutsu no chikara daichi wo terase!
All: Purikyua! Rando Bīto Dainamikku!
All: Bikutorī!


Cure Summer: Land Heart Kuru Ring!
All: Charm up!
All: Excellen-Tropical Style!
All: Five powers, light up the land!
All: Pretty Cure! Land Beat Dynamic!
All: Victory!




-1080p- Precure Land Beat Dynamic! (Tropical Rouge Precure 2nd Group Attack)