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Latte (ラテ?) is one of the main fairies from the series Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure. She is a puppy-like fairy who ends her sentences with "~latte" (「~ラテ」?) and is the Princess of the Healing Garden. She later becomes Asumi's fairy partner.



Latte resembles a small light beige dog with big purple eyes that have a single lash and pink cheeks. Her puffy ears are adorned with pastel purple bows and on her forehead is a gold heart ornament with a pale blue middle that will turn yellow when she is sick. At her neck is a fuchsia bow with a light pink flower ornament.


She is a friendly and naive puppy who loves to nap. But sometimes she has a bad habit of wandering off on her own, which is a trait that worries her caretakers a lot. She sometimes gets lonely rather easily.


  • Queen Teatinu - Latte loves her mother but gets spoiled by her mother quite frequently.
  • Hanadera Nodoka - Her major caretaker who she adores greatly.
  • Hanadera Yasuko - Latte takes a huge liking to Yasuko, and once got upset when Yasuko resumed working.


Latte is an Italian word that means "coffee and milk"[1].


Latte hasn't gained the ability to speak yet, but by using a stethoscope, you can hear her inner voice. She can detect when Byogens infect the Earth, like her mother Queen Teatinu, but when she uses too much power, she becomes very weak and sickly.


Latte leaves her mother, Teatinu behind to depart for Earth. But once there, she falls sick because she senses the presence of a Megabyogen. Thankfully Hanadera Nodoka finds her and hopes to help her. After Nodoka is granted the powers to become Cure Grace with Rabirin and saves the Flower Element Spirit, Latte manages to recover. HGPC01 Shortly afterwards, she is accepted into the Hanadera household.HGPC02

When Yasuko goes back to work, Latte is lonely and restless. As Nyatoran opens the window so they can play, Latte uses this as a chance to run off and find Yasuko. Nodoka, Chiyu and Hinata come across her after she finds the delivery company Yasuko works for and tells the girls that she misses Yasuko who used to give her pats. Yasuko also reminds her of her own mother. Latte suddenly becomes ill after the Fruit Element Spirit is infected, but gets healed after the girls put the Fruit Element Bottle on her collar. HGPC06

Latte falls severely ill after the three Byogen generals summon multiple Megabyogens. Her condition only worsens as the Cures are unable to defeat them. HGPC10 Fortunately, she recovers after the Cures activate their newest group attack which produces a new Element Bottle, the Miracle Healing Bottle, for her. HGPC11


Latte's voice actor, Shiraishi Haruka has participated in one image song for the character she voices. She sings this image song as a duet with Mimori Suzuko, the voice of Fuurin Asumi.



STPC49 A dog plushie in Hikaru's room


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