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Laura (ローラ?) is one of the five main Cures in Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure. She is a mermaid from Grand Ocean, who comes to Aozora City in search of the Pretty Cure so they can save her home. Her full name is Laura Apollodoros Hyginus La Mer (ローラ・アポロドーロス・ヒュギーヌス・ラメール?), and also known as Laura La Mer (ローラ・ラメール?) in school.

Laura's alter ego is Cure La Mer (キュアラメール?), and her charm point is her nails.



As a mermaid, Laura has long bright pink hair that reaches her waist, and has blue eyes. On her bangs, she has pearl clips, and her ears are cyan otoliths. Her top is cyan and white with pink pearls on the front. On her elbows are cyan fins, and she wears gold bracelets on her wrists. Her tail is blue with a pale pink and yellow fin. Around her tail is a pink ribbon tied by a yellow star with pearls.

As a human, she gains legs in place of her tail and her otoliths become human ears. Her hair remains the same but she wears a sky blue headband. Her outfit bears a slight resemblance to her mermaid form. The top is white and light blue with a cerulean stripe on top and a matching collar with pink pearls on it. The skirt is light blue with cerulean and white petal-shaped layers at the bottom and a thin pink belt with a yellow star on the left. Her sandals are light blue with some pink pearls and light blue ruffles on top. She wears gold seashell-shaped earrings.

As Cure La Mer, her eyes turn pink with blue heart-shaped flecks, and she gains small pearls on her eyelashes. She also gains cyan nail polish on her fingernails, and hot pink polish on her toes. Her hair grows thicker and longer and becomes sky-blue with a pink ombré at the head and ends. Two pearls lay on the sides of her head, coated in hair, and she also has a small headdress on her bangs and pink pearls around her hair. She wears a light blue off-the-shoulder top with pink and golden accents and a white gem with long puffy sleeves that have fitted wristbands. A blue crystal shell lays on her chest with a pink bow and golden orb just below it. She also gains a short skirt with layers of purple, violet and cyan, and long white pants. She also gains white platform open-toed sandals with pink pearls and blue soles. Her accessories include a blue and white choker, pale blue pearl earrings, and a pale-pink train resembling a mermaid tail hanging from her skirt.


Laura is very self confident, and is the type of person who will honestly say whatever is on her mind. She wants to become the next queen of Grand Ocean. She also loves to sing.


  • Natsuumi Manatsu: Laura originally treated Manatsu with contempt, and only saw her as a stepping stone to her goal, but gradually warms up to Manatsu after she saves her.
  • Suzumura Sango: Laura met Sango when she got separated from Manatsu and her classmates. At first, she does not really have much faith in Sango, but gradually starts to like her.
  • Ichinose Minori: Laura initially considers Minori unreliable, but begins to view her differently once she becomes Cure Papaya.
  • Takizawa Asuka: After she and Manatsu are defended by Asuka, Laura becomes interested in Asuka and considers her as a desirable Pretty Cure candidate, though Asuka, who finds her annoying, did not return the favor. However, Asuka grows to appreciate her more after spending time with her.
  • Kururun: Laura is Kururun's caretaker, and they are good friends. However, there are instances where Laura has trouble understanding Kururun.
  • Mermaid Queen: Laura is the Mermaid Queen's chosen candidate, and she shows great respect for her, regarding her as her mother. The Mermaid Queen in turn trusts her greatly.


Laura: The name Laura is the feminized form of laurus, Latin for "bay laurel plant", which in the Greco-Roman era was used as a symbol of victory, honor or fame. The name represents the embodiment of victory and strength. The name Daphne, derived from Ancient Greek, carries the same meaning.

Apollodoros means "gift of Apollo" from the name of the god Apollo combined with Greek δῶρον (doron) meaning "gift".

Hyginus: This name derives from the Ancient Greek “ygieinós (υγιεινός)”, from “ygeía (υγεία)” meaning “healthy, hygienic, healthful, sanitary”. In turn the name means “prosperous, healthy, auspicious one”.

La Mer means "the sea" in French.


Meeting Manatsu

Due to the Grand Ocean being attacked by the Witch of Delays, Laura is sent by the Mermaid Queen to the human world in hopes of finding the legendary Pretty Cure. She later meets Natsuumi Manatsu, who discovers her when passing by and is grateful that Laura helped her found her lipstick. Initially, Laura only thinks of Manatsu as a stepping stone to her goal of becoming the next queen, but then she watches Manatsu become Cure Summer just to rescue her when she is captured by Chongire. She slowly warms up to Manatsu after being saved by her.TRPC01

Argument and Reconciliation with Manatsu

When Manatsu begins attending school, Laura gets upset. She later requests Manatsu to bring her to school in hopes of searching for a Pretty Cure candidate, but gets bored rather quickly. She leaves the Mermaid Aqua Pot to search for a candidate herself, only to be noticed by the students. After Manatsu finds her, they have an argument. Upset by what Manatsu had said to her, she angrily swims away. When she is almost attacked by Chongire's Yaraneeda, however, she realizes that Manatsu, who rushes to her aid, still cares for her as a friend. Afterwards, they make up with each other.TRPC02

Finding and Returning Manatsu's Motivation Power

After a difficult battle against the more powerful Zenzen Yaraneeda, Manatsu has her Motivation Power stolen by it. Laura quickly retrieves it with the Mermaid Aqua Pot, but the Zenzen Yaraneeda startles her and knocks the pot into a nearby canal. While the other Cures try to get Manatsu's motivation back, Laura goes to search for the pot. Desperate to return Manatsu's motivation, Laura even swims through the dirty section of the canal. Eventually, she meets up with Kururun, who was able to find the Mermaid Aqua Pot themselves. When Laura returns, she finds that Manatsu was able to regain her motivation on her own. She then releases Manatsu's stolen Motivation from the pot, which restores the Cures' strength and allows them to perform their new group attack, Mix Tropical, to purify the Zenzen Yaraneeda.TRPC10

Getting Suspected and Retrieving the Aqua Pot

Sometime later, Laura becomes the subject of a ridiculous rumor about a mermaid at the school, much to her annoyance. When swimming in the canal of the school, she is offended and blurts out after hearing Kakuta Masami saying that mermaids don't exist, therefore exposing herself, though she manages to swim away before being further noticed. After the Mermaid Aqua Pot gets confiscated by Masami, Laura sneaks into the room that stores the confiscated items and pretends to be one of the students by using a banned uniform to get past Masami, and manages to retrieve the Aqua Pot. She later brags about her act of pretending to be a student is ingenious enough to not get herself suspected, only to be told by her friends that she should be returning the uniform, much to her dismay. TRPC12

Switching bodies with Minori

When the Tropical Club is preparing for cheerleading for the upcoming softball competition, Laura watches Minori preparing the banner, but has to help Minori who gets sucked into the Mermaid Aqua Pot. This results in their bodies getting swapped. Realizing she is in Minori's body, Laura gets excited and decides to experience what it is like to be a human, but they are unable to switch back, so Minori lets Laura stays at her home for the night.

The next day, when a croissant Zenzen Yaraneeda is on the loose, Laura tries to transform in Minori's body, but fails as the ring and compact do not react. But they end up switching their bodies back after Minori's ring reacts to her determination to help her friends. Although she is glad that they have switched bodies back and says she prefers being a mermaid, she actually misses the experience of being a human.TRPC15

Desire of Becoming Human and Being Captured by the Witch

As time passes, Laura begins to spend more time with her human friends, but her wish of wanting to become a human grows stronger. Her friends also find her acting strangely, and Minori is the first one to figure out that she wants to become human, and tells Laura that she has to give up something precious in order to fulfill a wish. After meeting Natsuumi Aoi, her eagerness to become human grows, but she wonders what Minori meant.

The next day, when the Cures are fighting Chongire’s Zenzen Yaraneeda, Laura tries to retrieve the Motivation Power from it, but the monster dumps a bunch of similar-looking bottles on her, swapping the Mermaid Aqua Pot out for one of them. As she desperately searches for it, she is captured in a net and the Zenzen Yaraneeda escapes with her. She eventually finds it when Kururun calls out to her and she takes a bunch of bubble pictures, hoping it would help the Cures find her location. They discover the bubbles and dive underwater in hopes of finding her. Meanwhile, Laura is taken to the Witch of Delays and refuses to say anything to her, but the Witch figures out Laura's desire to turn human and begins convincing her to work for her so she will grant her wish. TRPC16 When Laura refuses to be tempted by the Witch, the Witch decides to send her to the dungeon.TRPC17

Becoming Cure La Mer and Turning Human

After failing to escape from the dungeon, Laura is discouraged until she recalls memories with her friends. She notices and reunites with Kururun, and tells the sea fairy to get the keys. After saving Kururun from Elda, she tells them to go ahead first while she decides to retrieve the Mermaid Aqua Pot by herself. She is caught by the Witch's grasp when she accidentally wakes up the Witch, but escapes with the Pot after biting the Witch's hand. After being rescued by Kururun when she is attacked by Butler, she meets up with the Mermaid Queen who asks her what she really wants to do next, and she decides to return to her friends. The Queen is delighted to hear her decision and hands her a pact.

On her way however, Laura realizes that her friends are in trouble when she witnesses Chongire defeat Summer. Determined to rescue her friends, she tells Chongire that she won't allow anyone to injure her friends, thus gaining her Heart Kuru Ring and the pact becomes her Mermaid Aqua Pact, which allows her to transform into Cure La Mer for the first time.

After retrieving the Motivation Power and purifying one of the Zenzen Yaraneeda, Laura is reunited with her friends, and is overjoyed when she realizes that she has gotten legs and thus has become a human as she wished. She later decides to stay at Manatsu and Aoi's home and attend Aozora Middle School, much to Manatsu's joy. TRPC17

Going to School

Not long after staying at Manatsu's home, Laura later begins her school life. She introduces herself as a new student at the assembly, but brags about Grand Ocean and how she wants to try everything so that she can succeed in being queen one day, surprising and confusing the other students. Although she appears to be knowledgeable in her studies, she later gets bored and irritated with it. She joins the swimming club later on, but fails to swim properly due to not adapted to using her legs to swim. She nearly exposes her identity as a mermaid until her friends stop her. She then decides to join the Tropical Club instead and enjoy her school life. TRPC18

Running for Student Council President

When the Tropical Club knows that Yuriko is going to resign and handover her position soon, Laura decides to run for the president election, though she isn't the most supported by the other students. She then takes her friends' suggestions into account for the preparation of her last speech, but during the speech she abruptly leaves to help her friends who are overwhelmed by Chongire's Chou Zettai Yaraneeda. Of course, her leave is considered as a forfeit and Ichijo Riko, who is the vice president of the council, ends up winning. At first, Laura is irritated by her loss, but soon regains her optimism and believes that this experience is a good practice for her way to become queen of her kingdom. TRPC30

Cure La Mer

Cure La Mer

Shimmering Ocean! Cure La Mer!
揺らめく大海原 (オーシャン)!キュアラメール!
Yurameku Ōshan! Kyua Ramēru!

Cure La Mer (キュアラメール?) is Laura's Pretty Cure alias. In order to transform, she needs her Mermaid Aqua Pact and Heart Kuru Ring.


The transformation begins when Laura shouts the transformation phrase as she turns from a mermaid into a human. She then inserts her Heart Kuru Ring into the top of the Mermaid Aqua Pact, causing the lid to split open. She then holds her pen, shouting "Let's make up! Bling!", as she draws circles on the center part, causing it to glow and a cyclone of water to shoot out of it. She shouts "Face!" as the cyclone turns into several different-colored orbs. A couple of them first hit her cheeks, making them rosy, and then her eyes, which cause pearls to appear on the tips of her eyelashes and her eyes to turn pink with blue heart flecks. Then another hits her hair, causing it to grow and change color and style as her hair accessories appear, and the last one hits her lips, causing lip gloss to appear. She then spins the center of the pact again and shouts "Nails!" as she waves her pen over her fingernails, turning them blue, and her toenails, turning them magenta. She spins the center once more and shouts "Dress!" as she draws a purple star, which then encircles her and turns into two stars. The first star moves up her body, causing her top to appear, while the second one moves downward, creating her skirt, bow, pants, and shoes. Finally, a pouch for her Mermaid Aqua Pact appears as the pact itself falls into it. With the transformation complete, La Mer quickly swims in the ocean before emerging to the surface, introducing herself before striking her final pose.


  • Kurukuru La Mer Stream (くるくるラメールストリーム?): One of Cure La Mer's solo attacks that she can perform using her Mermaid Aqua Pact.
  • Ocean Bubble Shower (オーシャンバブルシャワー?): The other Cure La Mer solo attack that she can perform using her Mermaid Aqua Pact when she puts it into its Bubble Mode.
  • Land Beat Dynamic (ランドビートダイナミック?): A group attack that Cure La Mer performs with Summer, Coral, Papaya and Flamingo. To perform it, she and her teammates must be in their Excellen-Tropical Style, and they need the Tropical Heart Dresser and the Land Kuru Ring.
  • Marine Beat Dynamic (マリンビートダイナミック?): A group attack that Cure La Mer performs with Summer, Coral, Papaya and Flamingo. To perform it, she and her teammates must be in their Excellen-Tropical Style, and they need the Tropical Heart Dresser and the Marine Kuru Ring.


Laura's voice actor, Hidaka Rina has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include songs with Fairouz Ai, who voices Natsuumi Manatsu, Hanamori Yumiri, who voices Suzumura Sango, Ishikawa Yui, who voices Ichinose Minori, and Seto Asami who voices Takizawa Asuka.

Group Songs


  • Laura's birthday is on June 30th, making her Zodiac sign Cancer.
  • An interview from Animage revealed that in the first draft of the story, Laura had a more typical role and was a gentle girl to tone down Manatsu's outlandishness. But Tsuchida Yutaka was concerned that she was going to get completely overshadowed by the other girls, so they changed her into a character with a strong personality and with a big presence in the story.


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