Suite PC 01 - 05

The Legendary Score on it's music stand

The Legendary Score (伝説の楽譜 Densetsu no gakufu?) is a book of music, which appears in Suite Pretty Cure♪. The Legendary Score contains of magical notes of the "Melody of Happiness". Sung by the right fairy, the Melody of Happiness will bring hope and peace to every world. The fairy that was chosen to sing the melody was Hummy.

However, if the notes are rearranged, the melody can bring different effects. Mephisto desired to bring sorrow and despair to the worlds by turning the Melody of Happiness into the Melody of Sorrow. The fairy he chose to sing it was Siren.

Notes of the Score

Episode 12 Onpus

A Note

The Notes (音符 Onpu?) were once stored inside the Legendary Score, and formed the Melody of Happiness. When Mephisto rearranged the notes and turned them into the Melody of Sorrow, Aphrodite released the notes from the score and spread them all over Kanon Town. Aphrodite then sent out Hummy and the Fairy Tones to find the lost notes.SPC01

Besides of forming the Melody of Happiness, the notes don't own any further abilties. However, the Trio de Minor, as well as Siren have the power to turn the notes into Negatones, corrupted musical notes. After being purified by the Pretty Cures, the notes are stored inside one of the Fairy Tones.


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