リーヴァ Rīva
SeasonDoki Doki! Pretty Cure
Eye ColorOlive
Hair ColorGrey
Home PlaceSelfish
First AppearanceDDPC23
Theme ColorLight green
Japanese Voice ActorTobita Nobuo

Leva (リーヴァ Rīva?) is one of the members of the Selfish generals and deputy of the group, who appears later in the series with Gula.


Leva appears as a tall man. He has grey hair and puts make-up, this makes him look similar to a clown. On his head, he wears a top hat, which can actually cut things. He wears a green jacket and also red shirt.


Leva seems to make prank on the trio by order them to search Princess Marie Ange, but sometimes he get along with Gula when they do their work together.


Being Hired

As the, Selfish King had seen how Marmo, Ira, and Bel had failed to protect Regina, who was badly hurt by, Cure Ace, then he hired, Leva, and Gula, to defeat the Cures this time. Bel then got angry at them. DDPC23

Attacking The Cures

While Makoto was signing signatures, when two boys came to her to get her autograph but as soon as Makoto told them not anymore, they became sad, and wished that they could get her autograph. Suddenly, Leva came behind them telling that it would be better if they got her autograph, then Leva and Gula summoned two Jikochuus out of their Psyches. Makoto, then transformed along with Rikka, and Alice. They started fighting, but Leva and Gula, also started fighting them. Leva used his hat as a cutter but the Cures dodged it, then Gula came, as he wanted to eat them, but Cure Rosetta, performed, Rosetta Reflection. Gula, with his sharp teeth then ate it. The Cures got easily defeated, then suddenly Mana came, and was brave while facing the Jikochuus. Aguri, who had taken her Lovead, then gave it back to her. Mana transformed, along with Aguri revealing herself, as Cure Ace. Cure Heart, and Ace paired up, and they purified the Jikochuus easily. Feeling dissapointed, Leva and Gula left. DDPC23


After many failures, Leva and Gula assure Bel that they will succeed, as they will take over the Oogai city, with their plan. As their plan seems to work, Leva explains their plan: as they have build a Selfish tree on the main buliding, the tree produced black balls, which could put people into sleep, then as time passed, the black ball would corrupt their heart, resulting on the human to turn into a Jikochuu. Much to the girls' shock, the girls suddenly transformed to face Leva and Gula, along with the tree. However, the Jikochuu has taken their Pad and breaks it, the girls lose hope on winning, causing them to give up. Now up to Cure Heart, Heart cries out her feelings, and once again regains her final hope and gathers with her friends once again. This causes the Pad to recover, and start to work, making five new weapons for the Cures. With these weapons, the girls perform Lovely Straight Flush, and this defeats the tree.


Leva, and Gula, with their powers are taken away.

As everyone celebrates the win, Leva and Gula face off Bel, however Bel uses his power, and suddenly starts to take Leva and Gula's final powers, this causes Leva and Gula to die. For the last moment, Bel eats his lollipop with joy, while seeing Leva and Gula disappear.


He also can throw his hat like a disc, which is sharp to cut through things.

Leva has the same powers as the other members, he can turn people's selfish thoughts into Jikochuu, however he can also pair up with Gula, and summon a Jikochuu together, other than summon it, by himself.


  • He is named after Leviathan, a demon that represents "envy", one of the seven deadly sins.


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