Singer(s) Writer Composer Arranger Time Appears in
Kitagawa Rie
Omori Shoko
Katou Kenji
Katou Kenji
04:26 Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! Vocal Album Linkle☆Melodies
Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! Vocal Best A Gift From Our Hands
Linkle☆Melodies (リンクル☆メロディーズ?) is an image song for the Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! series, sung by Kitagawa Rie.


Fushigina sekai wa sugu soba ni aru
Ōkina kibō ya yume wo moteba sore ga pasupōto

"Sora wo tobitai" "neko to shaberitai"
Mune no wakuwaku dokidoki
Uchiakete ne uta ni nose hibikase aeba
Dekiru, kitto ne...... !!

Rinkuru☆merodīzu yūki ni kaete
Jōshiki sae koeru
Shinjiru hāto ga okosu kiseki wo
Te to te tsunaide sagashimashou

Fushigi ne kokoro wa naze surechigau
"Daisuki" to "sunao" wa betsu no heya ni sunde iru kara??

Ugoku ningyō karenai būke
Honto wa agetai ukiuki
Tsuyoku negai uta ni nose todokete mireba
Aeru, egao ni......!!

Rinkuru☆merodīzu hikaru senritsu de
Namida mo jerī bīnzu yo
Aisuru hāto ga tsukuru mahō wo
Chikara awasete kanaemashou

不思議な世界は すぐそばにある
大きな希望や夢を持てば それがパスポート

"空を飛びたい" "猫としゃべりたい"
胸のワクワク ドキドキ
打ち明けてね 歌に乗せ 響かせ合えば

リンクル☆メロディーズ 勇気に換えて
手と手つないで 探しましょう

不思議ね ココロはなぜすれ違う
「大好き」と「素直」は 別の部屋に住んでいるから??

動く人形 枯れないブーケ
ほんとはあげたい ウキウキ
強く願い 歌に乗せ 届けてみれば

リンクル☆メロディーズ 光る旋律で
力合わせて 叶えましょう

There is a large mysterious world just around the corner
If I were to hold onto a large amount of hopes and dreams within my own passport

"I want to fly in that sky" "I want that kitten to talk"
My chest is throbbing with lots of excitement
I have an open heart, so I will sing until it begins to echo
Surely, I can do it......!!

Linkle☆Melodies is the place full of courage
It has more common sense than here
My heart has always believed in these shiny miracles
Let's go have a look together as we hold hands

It sure is mysterious how our hearts pass each other by
Is it because our "I love yous" and "honesty" live in two completely different rooms??

The bouquets won't wither due to the moving dolls
Who want to give these to you excitedly
If I were to deliver this strong desire that I sing out loud to you
We could meet, with a smile......!!

Linkle☆Melodies makes the melody sparkle
Even jelly beans have tears now too
Even magic can create love within our own hearts
Let's go and combine our powers to grant our wishes


No. Title Artist Duration Audio
1 Linkle☆Melodies Kitagawa Rie 04:29 File:09 Linkle☆Melodies.ogg
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