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Kochou holding the Smart Phone
The Linkle Smartbook (リンクルスマホン Rinkuru Sumahon?) is the device that Ha-chan resides in when resting. The smartphone comes with a pink pen with a red rose on the top and it needs the Linkle Stones to activate different things for Ha-chan. It now serves as her transformation device so she can become Cure Felice.


The Linkle Stones are inserted into the Linkle Smartbook and they all have a different usage to help with Ha-chan's growth. The stones produce different kinds of food or drinks for Ha-chan and sometimes allows her to change into different forms. The stylus can be used not only to draw things on the smartbook's screen, but also in the real world as well, first creating a key to open the door in episode 19. The stylus also doubles as Kotoha's magic wand.

It is now used as Kotoha's transformation device so she can become Cure Felice. The Linkle Stone Emerald is inserted into the slot and Kotoha draws the letter "F" on the screen to initiate the transformation.


The Linkle Smartbook is a pink book with three circles on the front: one cream colored circle which is the slot for the Linkle Stones, another circle with "Linkru Sumahon" written in fancy font in the middle, and a pentagram at the bottom. It also has four small roses on the front that are colored pink, orange, yellow and red with one big magenta rose with lime colored leaves surrounding it at the very bottom. Inside the smartbook, the slot for the Linkle Stones to be placed on is still there and a digital screen to draw pictures on to create the objects for Ha-chan. There are more flower patterns within the book.



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