The Linkruns (リンクルン Rinkurun?) are devices in Fresh Pretty Cure! which are mainly used to transform into Pretty Cure. A Linkrun is created when a Pickrun enters an inanimate object belonging to their chosen owner, usually a cell-phone.


The owners of the Linkruns and their different abilities are:

  • Momozono Love, transforms into Cure Peach, owner of the pink Linkrun with the power to summon food.FPC01
  • Aono Miki, transforms into Cure Berry, and owner of the blue Linkrun with the power to change outfit.FPC02
  • Yamabuki Inori, transforms into Cure Pine, and owner of the yellow Linkrun with the power to understand/talk to animals.FPC03
  • Higashi Setsuna, transforms into Cure Passion, and owner of the red and black Linkrun with the power to teleport to places. Unlike the other girls, the red Linkrun is made by itself instead of mutating her cellphone.


The Linkrun resembles a rectangular cellphone wih a silver border. The top has a darker variant of the users theme color for the border, with the remainder of it a pale shade. The window has a silver ornate border with beaded chain-like designs on both the top and bottom. In the middle is a clover of the users color lined in silver, along with two, large silver buttons, and nine colored buttons beneath them.

Setsuna's Linkrun has variation differences from the others. Rather then one theme color is has two, and instead of a chain it gains a red strap to hang from, a little heart, and a clover-shaped key to open it.

The Linkrun also includes a small pink pouch with a darker pink strap held by a silver decorative clasp.





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