This is a list of holidays, birthdays and other seasonal events seen in the Pretty Cure franchise. The list is roughly in calendar order, starting from February (when Pretty Cure seasons start).

Not all of the episodes listed here give a lot of attention to the holiday or event they're listed under, sometimes because it's not a big holiday, sometimes because there just isn't much room in the plot. For completeness all the episodes that give some attention to a theme or event are listed here. For themes like Mother's or Father's Day there may be more episodes with that theme, but they haven't been listed here because they didn't air close to the actual date.

Valentine's Day / White Day

February 14 and March 14. Valentine's Day is when girls give chocolate to boys, White Day is when boys give chocolate to girls. Most Pretty Cure seasons are still busy introducing the main cast around this time (February 14 would be only episode 2 or 3), so these are rarely mentioned.


Flower viewing (花見 Hanami?) parties are held in spring when the sakura trees blossom, usually in April. Because cherry blossoms are such a symbol of spring in Japan, you see them in many spring episodes, even outside April.

Mother's Day

Second Sunday in May.

Father's Day

Third Sunday in June. Same as Mother's Day above.


July 7.


Usually a summer activity.

Summer festival

Shrine festivals can be held throughout the year, but they're most popular in the summer.

Spooky / test of courage

A classic Japanese summer pastime is telling horror stories. Sometimes this is combined with a test of courage. Some of the episodes listed here overlap with other themes like the summer festival.


Moon viewing (月見 Tsukimi?) parties are held on the evening of a full moon in autumn.

Sports day

Can be held either in spring or autumn.

Cultural festival

No fixed date, but usually held in autumn.


October 31.


Christmas itself is on December 25, but what's celebrated more in Japan is Christmas Eve, December 24.

New Year's Day

January 1. Since most Pretty Cure seasons are gearing up for the final showdown around this time, not many have time to spend on New Year's traditions.


This is not a full list of birthdays, only the ones actually celebrated in the anime.