In Japan, Pretty Cure has become one of the most popular anime series devoted to young children, mostly to girls. There have been several live on stage shows since the Yes! Pretty Cure 5 series and the performers wear costumes concealing their own skin and wearing animegao/kigurumi masks to match on how the characters appear in the anime series.

During a live on stage edition of Pretty Cure, the performers only need to do the actions, as the voices heard during the show were pre-recorded by the actual seiyuus that do the anime series on TV. It usually features the main performers in both the super heroines and a couple of villains. The duration of the show lasts for about 20-25 minutes.

Some performances are just to be given an introduction with a host and even a meet and greet session with the characters from their young loyal fans.

Locations have included theme parks, department stores, special events & festivals, as well as anime conventions in the Tokyo area.

DVD Releases

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