ロロ Roro
Lolo Profile
SeasonStar☆Twinkle Pretty Cure
Eye ColorTurquoise
Hair ColorDark Turquoise
Home PlaceSaman (Starry Sky Galaxy)
RelativesToto (father)
Kaka (mother)
Hagoromo Lala (twin sister)
First AppearanceSTPC25 (cameo)
STPC29 (physical debut)
Japanese Voice ActorSoma Saito
Lolo (ロロ?) is a supporting character from Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure. He is the twin brother of Hagoromo Lala, and also ends his sentences with "~lun" (「~ルン」 "~run"?).



Lolo is a young Saman alien boy who has two antennae, turquoise eyes with star pupils and dark turquoise hair with a pink streak similar to that of his twin sister Lala's, albeit smaller.


Being the oldest child, Lolo has more self-confidence owing to his parents favoring him more, and unknowingly likes to brag about his accomplishments. But at the end of the day, he still cares for his sister, and is willing to acknowledge after witnessing her growth.


  • Hagoromo Lala - Lolo used to look down on his sister due to being showered with compliments from his parents. However, after witnessing Lala protect him as Cure Milky in episode 30, he finally appreciated her for the first time and admitted that she has grown up.
  • Toto and Kaka - His parent who favors him.


Lolo first appeared through a transmission near the end of episode 25, urging Lala to return to Saman as soon as possible.

It turned out that in episode 26, he had managed to find the Cancer Princess Star Color Pen, as revealed to the girls after they landed on Saman.

He made his first full appearance in episode 29 when the girls finally arrived on Saman. Toppa awarded him with a medal for his work on discovering a Princess Star Color Pen. During his interaction with his sister Lala, however, he bragged about himself without thinking about Lala's feelings.

In episode 30, Lolo was desperate to find Lala who was framed for thievery. All of a sudden, he and his parents, along with the other Saman people, were attacked by the artificial intelligences which were all controlled by Aiwarn. He, his parents and Kuku struggled to escape, but they got tired very quickly due to being overly dependent on technology, until Lala rescued all of them and told them what she had learned on Earth. He was in disbelief when Lala transformed into Cure Milky in front of him, and finally admitted that Lala had grown up as a person.

In episode 48, he was one of the people who gave imagination to the Cures to help them recover the universe, and he and the Saman people were surprised to witness a meteor shower after the universe was rescued.

He was last seen in episode 49, adjusting himself to walking and complimenting Lala on changing Saman for the better.


He is a talented investigator, being able to discover the Cancer Princess Star Color Pen without using a radar, and is the number 1 navigator, which is the highest rank.


  • He likely shares his birthday with his sister, being July 7th, as he is her twin brother.


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