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The LovePreBrace toy

The LovePreBrace (ラブプリブレス RabuPuriBuresu?) is the Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! Cures' main attack item. With exclusion of Cure Honey and Cure Fortune, after gaining her new power, every Cure of the season wears it around their forearms. To execute an attack, they would have to turn the rainbow-colored dial.


A pink heart with a gem in the center and bow on top that hangs from a smaller, pale pink heart ornament. In the center is a crystal surrounded by six gems, coming in red, purple, yellow, green, orange, and blue. The LovePreBrace attaches to a wrist strap.


  • In her official profiles and previews, Cure Fortune's LovePreBrace isn't shown, though prior to episode 22, she does have one. She loses it upon gaining her new powers and uses the Fortune Tambourine to execute her attacks.
    • In episode 32, when the Innocent Form PreCards appear and also when Cure Fortune inserts them into the Fortune Piano, an error shows her with one again.
    • When Cure Fortune dodges the dragon's attack in Haru no Carnival♪, she is seen with a LovePreBrace on when she shouldn't.
  • Cure Wave is the only known Cure to have her LovePreBrace on her right wrist instead of the left.