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Cure Ace holding Love Kiss Rouge.

The Love Kiss Rouge (ラブキスルージュ Rabu Kissu Rūju?) (or Glitter Sparkle Stick in the English dub Glitter Force Doki Doki) is Cure Ace's attack device from Doki Doki! Pretty Cure. She uses this item to perform her attack Ace Shot. It makes its first appearance in episode 23.


Cure Ace twists the red jewel in the center twice to activate the Love Kiss Rouge.

The color can change and effect the abilities of the Love Kiss Rouge; these being Blue, Purple, and Yellow. Pink was also an option- but failed to be used within the time limit and was not shown.

The color of the tip of the Love Kiss Rouge is random after a certain episode.


A white stick with etched dots and diamond in a pattern. A gold ornate piece rests around the bottom, and attached to the base is a single, tiny gem heart. Above this is a large ruby gem, followed by a white section with a gold ornate piece that has a ruby stylized A on it. The top resembles a golden lipstick tube with a glowing, glittering ruby lip product that changes color depending on the ability.


  • This is the second attack item (succeeding Milky Rose's Milky Palette) and the fourth overall item (succeeding the Milky Palette as well as the Heart Perfumes and Smile Pact) to be based off a beauty product.
  • The shape of this attack item is similar to the Flower Tacts.
  • This is the first attack device to become an actual cosmetic. Smile Pretty Cure! had the Smile Pact to become a cosmetic as well, but it is not an attack device. 




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