Lucky Clover-12

Lucky Clover Grand Finale

Lucky Clover Grand Finale (ラッキークローバー・グランドフィナーレ Rakkī Kurōbā Gurando Fināre?) is the group attack used in Fresh Pretty Cure!. It was first used in episode 37. This requires the Clover Box to use. 


Cure Peach calls upon the power of the Clover Music Box. The music box reacts and the Pretty Cure gets into a formation as if starting a relay race. On the word "Go!", the four run for the enemy. Cure Passion calls upon the Happiness Leaf and passes it to Cure Pine. Pine calls upon the Prayer Leaf, which connects to the Happiness Leaf, and passes the two Leaves to Cure Berry. Berry calls upon the Espoir Leaf, which is connected to the Prayer and Happiness Leaf and passes the three Leaves to Peach. Peach calls upon the Lovely Leaf and a seal comprised of the clover symbol is created, connecting all four Leaves, forming a clover. Berry, Pine, and Passion jump up and Peach throws the seal to the ground. This enlarges it and the four land on the seal, which goes through the target. Declaring the attack, the enemy is imprisoned in a crystal that gets filled with light energy. The crystal vanishes as the enemy gets purified.



Cure Peach: クローバーボックスよ、あたしたちに力を貸して!
Cure Peach: プリキュアフォーメーション!レディ、ゴー!

Cure Passion: ハピネスリーフ、セット! パイン!
Cure Pine: プラスワン!プレアーリーフ! ベリー!
Cure Berry: プラスワン!エスポワールリーフ! ピーチ!
Cure Peach: プラスワン!ラブリーリーフ!
All: ラッキークローバー・グランドフィナーレ!


Cure Peach: Kurōbā Bokusu yo, atashi-tachi ni chikara wo kashite!
Cure Peach: Purikyua Fōmēshon! Redī, Go!

Cure Passion: Hapinesu Rīfu, Setto! Pain!
Cure Pine: Purasu wan! Pureā Rīfu! Berī!
Cure Berry: Purasu wan! Esupowāru Rīfu! Pīchi!
Cure Peach: Purasu wan! Raburī Rīfu!
All: Rakkī Kurobā Gurando Fināre!


Cure Peach: Clover Box, lend us your power!
Cure Peach: Pretty Cure Formation! Ready, go!

Cure Passion: Happiness Leaf, Set! Pine!
Cure Pine: Plus one! Prayer Leaf! Berry!
Cure Berry: Plus one! Espoir Leaf! Peach!
Cure Peach: Plus one! Lovely Leaf!
All: Lucky Clover Grand Finale!




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