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Singer(s) Writer Composer Arranger Time Appears in
BLUSH Nathan Kaniels 1:00 (TV Size) N/A

Lucky Girl is the ninth ending song in Glitter Force and is used as the ending for episodes 33 (41 of the original) to 36 (44 of the original). It is preceded by Every Woman and succeeded by the ending theme remix of Glitter Force. Unlike the previous two ending themes, which use dance footage from the Japanese version, it uses all-new dance footage.


Oh, oh, oh... oh...
Oh, oh, oh... oh...

Just look around with the peace of mind
Your spirit letting go
With open eyes, you will see the light
Come on and let it flow

Everybody, move your body on the dance floor
Come on and let it flow

I'm a lucky girl in a lucky world
Spinning 'round up on my hands
If the truth be told, you may never know
When the reach is out again
I'm a lucky girl in a lucky world
And I'll hold on to my friends

Oh, oh, oh...




Glitter Force - Music Video - "Lucky Girl"

Glitter Force - Music Video - "Lucky Girl"

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