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ルミエル Rumieru
KKPCALM Lumière profile
SeasonKiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode
Eye ColorRed
Hair ColorRed (Lumière)
Pink (Cure Lumière)
Home PlaceIchigozaka
First AppearanceKKPCALM07 (image)
KKPCALM22 (apparition)
KKPCALM32 (major)
Alter EgoCure Lumière
Theme ColorPink (main)
White (sub)
Japanese Voice ActorYasuno Kiyono

Lumière (ルミエル Rumieru?) is a character in KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode. She is the ancient Pretty Cure who lived in Ichigozaka in the past and worked as a patissière to bring smiles to people's faces.






"Lumière" is the French word for "light".


During earlier episodes of the series, Lumière merely appeared as imaginations of the Cures, and her only major roles were in the form of apparitions, when she helped the Cures to purify Julio.

In KKPCALM32, she transported the Cures back to the past Ichigozaka and baked kangaroo cupcakes with them, before handing over her Kirakiraru Creamer to them as she battled against Noir and sent them back the shrine from the present timeline.

It wasn't until her past played a huge role in KKPCALM46, which involved her complex relationship with Noir, as she divulged her backstory as a spirit to the Cures. She encountered Noir who was a military on the verge of death and nursed him back to health, but one day after she rejected Noir's demand on solely getting more sweets made by her all for himself, he lashed out and abandoned her soon after the fallout. She then attempted to assist the Cures but then got absorbed by Elisio as a result.

In KKPCALM49, she was released from Elisio's cards after Elisio gave up his plans.

A few years later after the course of the finale, Usami Ichika who has become a travelling patissière apparently meets her as a little girl who is accompanied with a child Noir and puppy Diable, though Ichika doesn't seem to recognize them.

Cure Lumière

So far, Lumière never had her full transformation phrase revealed.


Lumière is only seen to transform once, in episode 32. It appears to be a shortened version. Lumière shouts "Cure À La Mode!". Her hair has suddenly grown long and turned pink, and her clothes have turned into a multicolor-glowing short-sleeved dress. Her hair is blown upwards and the dress turns into glowing pink foam. The foam grows, then bursts away into multicolor sparkles, revealing her Cure outfit and staff, and her hair settles down again.


  • Lumière Confiserie - Lumière's only known attackKKPCALM32. The incantation used is "Kirakirakirarun Kirariraru. Lumière Confiserie!". She swings her staff back and forth while shouting this, causing streaks of kirakiraru cream to appear. The cream coalesces into four groups of candies around her, with each group arranged in a flower shape. It is not shown how she uses these candies to attack, so the action could be only defensive instead.



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