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Passing the Ice Island!? Friendship Connecting the Magic! (氷の島ですれ違い!?魔法がつなぐ友情! Kōri no Shima de Surechigai!? Mahō ga Tsunagu Yūjō!?) is the 5th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 590th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


In their second lesson, the girls must learn to focus on their magic in a cold environment by making a kettle boil! However, Riko is not as successful as Mirai which causes a fight between the two.


Mirai and Riko go to show the baby within the book to Kouchou. It turns out that the book the baby resides in is known as the legendary Linkle Smartbook. Today is also another day of supplementary classes and the test is to boil a kettle with magic. It may sound easy, but not when you are in a freezing cold world full of ice and snow.

To use magic, you cannot be cold. That is when Mirai introduces a game to Riko, Jun, Kay and Emily where you push against each other to keep warm. This game is called Oshikura Manjū. However, Riko doesn't participate. Due to playing the game, the four girl's magic is successful. This makes Mirai very happy that she performed magic for the first time. But, Riko's magic isn't going very well which causes Riko and Mirai to have a fight.

During a snowstorm, Riko and Mirai apologize to each other about their fight and then they play the Oshikura Manjū game to keep each other warm. Before long, the snowstorm has ended and colorful patterns are shown in the sky and that is when Mofurun spots the Linkle Stone Aquamarine. Mirai goes out to get it before it falls into the snow when a Yokubaru appears causing Mirai to go flying.

With realizing it, Riko calls out Mirai's name. It turns out, the snow was like a soft pillow giving Mirai no wounds so Riko and Mirai transformed into Pretty Cure and purified the Yokubaru with Ruby Passionale. With the Linkle Stone Aquamarine in their possession, the two girls insert the stone into the Linkle Smartbook and name the baby "Ha-chan" due to the words she says. Now that the two girls call each other by their first names, they are more closer than before.

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  • Riko makes a reference to Nagisa's catchphrase, "I can't believe this".
  • The aquamarine is the birthstone of March, and coincidentally this is the first episode to be aired on March.
  • The Cures use their Ruby Style forms in this episode.


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