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Special Training! Magic Wands! The Teacher is Riko's Sister!? (特訓!魔法の杖!先生はリコのお姉ちゃん!? Tokkun! Mahō no Tsue! Sensei wa Riko no Onēchan!??) is the 6th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 591st episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The substitute teacher for the class's third test is none other than Riko's sister Liz. Riko want to impress her sister so she tries her very best, but she might be pushing too much.


Due to so much tutoring, Isaac-sensei is having lower back pain, and in his place teaching the class will be Liz, who turns out to be Riko's older sister. Mirai is very shocked as the class is informed of Liz's standing as a high ranked student there.

Everyone goes outside, where Liz explains that today's lesson will be to create a shape from water using the Magic Wand, which they must then hold for ten seconds. Liz helps out Mirai by correcting the way she uses her wand to perform magic better, and she manages to form her water into the shape of Mofurun. But she gets so excited that she drops it, the others make a flower bouquet, boots, and a rucksack but they struggle holding the shape longer than a couple of seconds. When Riko tries to do the same shape Liz had demonstrated to the class, she fails and regardless of how many times she tries, she just keeps getting splashed with water. Liz suggests that her idea was too ambitious for someone with less-experience, but this makes Riko angrily tell her off and she runs away.

Mirai and Liz run into each other, and Liz explains how she sees a lot of potential in Riko's abilities if she could apply herself properly. They had a close bond through childhood but soon were forced to separate a little when she began attending magic school, and by the time she entered Liz noticed Riko started avoiding her. Mirai offers to find Riko seeing her concern.

When Riko is found by Mirai, she tells Mirai a story of her childhood and how she admired Liz. Riko's pendant was actually owned by Liz originally, and she gave it to Riko because she saw something in her. But Riko couldn't be as good at magic as she wanted to no matter how much she studied. She often wonders if Liz would be better suited for Pretty Cure, but Mirai assures her this isn't true, because it's their special bond that allows them to become Pretty Cure.

At this moment, Liz is mistaken as Riko by Sparda and is attacked by her Yokubaru. Mirai and Riko transform into Pretty Cure and Riko performs Linkle Aquamarine with the Linkle Stone Aquamarine to freeze the Yokubaru so the two girls can perform Diamond Eternal to purify it.

Everyone returns to the testing grounds, where each girl manages to surpass the ten second mark. They happily celebrate as Riko prepares for her turn, apologizing for her earlier behavior to Liz before she starts. She requests a pendant and the water slowly shifts into the shape of a heart, followed by a lovely necklace. It suddenly freezes, allowing her to hold it as she hands it over to the impressed Liz, who remarks that ice magic for someone inexperienced is very uncommon. She happily watches as Mirai celebrates passing with Riko, and she thinks about the star she saw while holding Riko when she was little, and her magic wand appearing from it.

Major Events

  • The class passes their third test.
  • Riko's older sister Liz appears for the first time.
  • Riko and Liz's parents are briefly shown during a flashback.
  • Liz had once owned Riko's Linkle Stone Dia.
  • Cure Magical performs a spell with the Linkle Stone Aquamarine.


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