Special Training! Magic Wands! The Teacher is Riko's Sister!? (特訓!魔法の杖!先生はリコのお姉ちゃん!? Tokkun! Mahō no Tsue! Sensei wa Riko no Onēchan!??) is the 6th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 591st episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The substitute teacher for the class's third test is none other than Riko's sister Liz. For the test, they have to create water shapes and hold it with their wands for ten seconds. Riko tries her best to impress her sister, but she might have tried it too hard.

Major Events

  • The class passes their third test.
  • Riko's older sister Liz appears for the first time.
  • Riko and Liz's parents are briefly shown during a flashback.
  • Liz had once owned Riko's Linkle Stone Dia.
  • Cure Magical performs a spell with the Linkle Stone Aquamarine.


Due to so much tutoring, Isaac-sensei has gotten a low back pain so Liz, who is really good with magic to do with her wand, will be taking over the supplementary lessons. But, she is also Riko's older sister. The lesson today is to create a shape from the water with their Magic Wands and hold it for ten seconds.

Liz helps out Mirai by correcting the way she uses her wand to perform magic better. This helps Mirai but she gets too excited and her shape which is Mofurun, becomes water droplets again. When Riko tries to do the same shape Liz had demonstrated to the class, she failed as it was too difficult. And due to Liz telling Riko to try something different, Riko runs off.

When Riko is found by Mirai, she tells Mirai a story of her childhood. Riko's pendant was actually owned by Liz at first which she gave to Riko as she saw something within her. Despite being good at studying, Riko is no good at magic which causes her to be jealous of Liz and them not to be as close as when they were young.

But at that time, Liz is mistaken to be Riko by Sparda and is attacked by her Yokubaru. Mirai and Riko transform into Pretty Cure and Riko performs Linkle Aquamarine with the Linkle Stone Aquamarine to freeze the Yokubaru so the two girls can perform Diamond Eternal to purify it. Everyone else passes their test and only Riko is left. Riko apologizes to Liz and is able to make her shape within the water become ice, allowing her to pass the test. This makes Mirai and Riko very happy and Liz happily watches them.


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