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The Magic of the Mermaid's Village! Revive the Feelings of Sapphire! (人魚の里の魔法!よみがえるサファイアの想い! Ningyo no Sato no Mahō! Yomigaeru Safaia no Omoi!?) is the 7th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 592nd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls take a field trip to the Mermaid Village where they learn to use their voices to open clams! When the village is disrupted by a villain, the Cures awaken the Linkle Stone Sapphire.


Today, the girl's lessons are being taught by Loretta-sensei, the mermaid teacher who is also the leader of the Mermaid Village. Mirai is very excited as she has never seen a mermaid village or been under the sea before, momentarily panicking after she is forced to breath until Riko reminds her that a spell was cast on them to allow them to breath underwater. As the group arrive to the village and admire it, a trio of little mermaids observe them from nearby.

As they head through the land, Loretta explains that while the sea might not seem like much on the surface there's a lot going down beneath it. But because they are so busy and have a fear of the life above, they reside down there with little complaint.

Arriving to their destination for class, Isaac-sensei explains how vital speech is for magic, and Loretta will be showing them this. She sings for them and the plants surrounding them begin to wriggle, but when the girls try, the plants flop over. Mofurun plays with Haa-chan and Loretta has the girls practice by reciting tongue twisters before assigning them to open up marl shells. Jun attempts to pull hers open, while Riko argues with hers when it ignores her. Mirai scares hers by yelling, and Loretta suggests that the girls learn to communicate by opening themselves to the shells first, then she is sure they will return the favor.

The girls go on break, where Mirai and Mofurun eat and Riko attempts to use magic on the food item she picked up. The three young mermaids observe them as she accidentally turns the food into fireworks, which allows the girls to spot them. They slowly come out after being introduced to them, and introduce themselves as Dorothy, Nancy and Cissy. They explain how there are other mermaids, but like them, they hid knowing strangers came to visit. They do not know of the world above, so to them it's very scary, words that disappoint Riko and Mofurun. Mirai uses some magic to try easing their worries -resulting in the sea life joining Mofurun to dance- and they quickly befriend them.

Upon learning that Mirai and Riko are friends in spite of Mirai coming from No Magic World, they take them to a secret place in the village. Jun appears, starling the group and explains that she was out exploring. They discuss the big shellfish that the mermaids have been protecting over the years after it shut. Prior to then it was opened, and in this time the mermaids spent their time swimming through the sky and interacting with the creatures above, such as witch and fairies. But when they stopped the clam shut, as if its asleep. On the stand it remains on, Riko reads text that describes that the mermaids of light shall return when their hearts open again.

Gamettsu arrives in the Mermaid Village causing quite the disturbance, alarming the trio of young mermaids. Mirai and Riko leave them in Jun's care and head off to stop Gamettsu, but after arrival it dons on them that they forgot Moforun- which prevents them from transforming. The girls can only helplessly hide after trying to keep everyone else safe until the Yokubaru catches them. But when they say loudly that together they have nothing to fear, everything surrounding them begins to react; their little shells open, the gems of the mermaids shine, the large shellfish even opens up to reveal the hidden treasure above it, the Linkle Stone Sapphire.

Mirai and Riko use this new stone to transform into the Sapphire Style Pretty Cure and they surface to fight until they can purify it using Sapphire Smartish.

Back where class was held, Loretta decides to let the girls hang onto the Sapphire Linkle Stone and Cissy, Dorothy, and Nancy decide that they want to make more friends by going above the sea. The girls assure them that they are friends as well as Jun, Kay, and Emily return glad to see they are alright. Jun brings up the glowing blue light from earlier and asks if they knew what was going on when Loretta reminds them of their clam shells. Seeing that Mirai and Riko's clams are opened, the other three attempt to open theirs.

Major Events

  • The class passes their fourth test.
  • The Linkle Stone Sapphire appears for the first time, allowing Mirai and Riko to transform into their Sapphire Styles.
  • Cure Miracle and Cure Magical perform Sapphire Smartish for the first time.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • This episode features previews from Pretty Cure All Stars: Minna de Utau♪ Kiseki no Mahou!.
    • Judging from how the Sapphire Style forms are seen in the trailer, it can be assumed that the movie takes place after this episode.
  • The Cures use their Sapphire Style forms in this episode.


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