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Here we GO on Our Magic Brooms! Save the Pegasus' Family! (魔法のほうきでGO!ペガサス親子を救え! Mahō no Hōki de GO! Pegasasu Oyako wo Sukue!?) is the 8th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 593rd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The Cures have to take a picture of a Pegasus for their fifth test. Mirai, a novice at riding a Magic Broom, chases after one of them, which causes her to fall and eventually she and Riko end up falling into a forest where they encounter another younger Pegasus.


The girls are to take a photograph with a Pegasus to pass their next test. But in order to make the Pegasus take a photo with them, they have to know how to ride on their Magic Brooms. Mirai doesn't know how to ride her broom yet, but she's bursting with excitement; so when the girls find themselves surrounded by them she recklessly leaps up to try to reach one. Riko and the others are able to keep her from harm as they come to a large, flower-shaped land.

Emily is worried over learning to fly because of her fear of heights, but the topic quickly changes when Kay recalls hearing a scary rumor about a new flower that recently appeared. It's said to have a sweet scent that lures animals to it, then after many have gathered it eats them. Her story alarms the other girls but Riko insists it's not true and heads off, with Mirai following her.

Separated from the others, the two happen to stumble upon a Pegasus. Mirai is determined to meet it and she manages to make her broom hover, followed by launching itself into the air so fast that she drops Ha-chan, forcing Riko to carry her up. Riko manages to stop her and together they try distracting the Pegasus, but while trying to take the photo of it Riko drops her quill pen. Ha-chan grabs it but she begins to fall, and Mirai snaps into action and manages to fly after her and grab her, which impresses Emily as she observes her from a distance.

As Mirai starts to sink Riko tries holding her up again, but with too much weight the girls fall into the large hole beneath them, taking them to the very bottom of the woods. Riko assures Mirai that it's fine since they would have ended up there later, and she asks Mirai about flying so well, even if it was only for a moment. Mirai explains that it was her belief in saving Ha-chan that did it, and when they recall Riko can also do better when she thinks about saving Mirai, they realize the power of belief is what helps them.

Just then the girls spot a baby pegasus and try to get a picture of it. But as Mirai searches for her quill, Mofurun smells something and runs off, leaving Riko to try approaching the small creature. She notices it's hurt and while trying to determine what to do Mirai realizes Mofurun has run off. She finds her in a flower field with a large flower right in the middle, surrounded by several relaxed animals. Mirai initially worries as she recalls the story Kay told them, but as she realizes her scratches have been healed, she gets an idea to bring Riko and the Pegasus there. The girls hold up some flowers to it and it's healed, just in time for the mother to appear, much to their relief. The mother pegasus cries as she nuzzles her baby, her tears landing on the flowers causing a pink light to appear in the center of the large flower. After it fades away, the girls spot the gem of flowers, a pink tourmaline linkle stone.

As they discuss it, the mother pegasus flies up to fetch it for the girls. Ha-chan is suddenly hungry, so with the stone they summon some food for her: a large amount of pancakes that looks so yummy, enough is made to feed her, Mofurun, the girls, and all of the animals. After eating Ha-chan attempts to fly again, but she is worn out and retreats for a nap. Mirai recalls the photograph and she kindly asks the Pegasus if it would be alright, and after getting the consent she searches for her quill again, unaware of it being on edge.

The animals run away for shelter as flowers are sliced from their stems, and when the girls become aware of something being wrong they turn to find Sparda, complaining about the stone not being the Emerald one and when the mother Pegasus tries fighting her, she transforms it into a Yokubaru. It begins to destroy the precious flower fields surrounding them and they girls transform into Pretty Cure. But they find it hard to battle knowing that it was the mother Pegasus and seeing its in pain causes them to helplessly try to avoid its attacks.

The Pink Tourmaline starts to glow and Miracle comes up with an idea to use it and Magical summons her broom to distract the Yokubaru, making it give chase and playing a game with it like Mirai did earlier with the other Pegasus. Using the magic of the Pink Tourmaline, Miracle casts magic on the Yokubaru to reach the mother Pegasus' heart and free her from its clutches. After that, Cure Miracle and Cure Magical purify the Yokubaru with Diamond Eternal.

As the land returns to normal and Sparda flees, the girls make sure the land and animals are alright before they return to their classmates and Isaac-sensei, with both Pegasi having come with them to let them get their photograph. Emily admires them and feels more encouraged to learn to ride her broom when the girls notice that they only have one more lesson to go before they pass their supplementary class. They momentarily feel saddened because this means their time together may be over soon, but they see the brilliantly shining sky above them and begin to admire it.

Major Events

  • The class passes their fifth test.
  • The Linkle Stone Pink Tourmaline appears for the first time, allowing Cure Miracle to use it to perform a spell.


Pretty Cure



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