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Goodbye Magic World!? Mirai and Riko's Final Test! (さよなら魔法界!?みらいとリコの最後テスト! Sayonara Mahō Kai!? Mirai to Riko no Saigo Tesuto!?) is the 9th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 594th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The final supplementary test is going to be held soon, and everyone couldn't be more excited! But Riko and Mirai are distressed realizing that their time together will be ending...


Today is the final supplementary class, and most of the girls are overjoyed by their recent success- including Kay, who managed to remember everything before coming to class thanks to a picture Mirai drew for her door. She thanks her and promises to hang onto it knowing it will provide future help. When the topic of Mirai having to return home comes up, the mood becomes somber until she points out that she can come visit them whenever she likes. She's unaware of how upset Riko is as she asks her to confirm that.

Isaac-sensei introduces everyone to the Joltflower, a flower that blooms out of shock when sensing magic. For their final test the girls must work together as a team to make the flower on his hat bloom, if any one of them manages to do it they all pass; but he will be going after their own hats and if all of them fail they will repeat this year of class. He then goes on to reveal that he's called Liz in to take his place, which doesn't make Riko feel any better.

Outside, everyone gets on their brooms and prepare to begin the test, unaware of Batty showing up in observation. Mirai starts, barely dodging a blast of magic from Liz after her turn misses. The others chastise her for flying off on her own and she apologizes, just before trying again, leading them to wonder why she is so eager suddenly. When Jun suggests she's excited to get back home Riko begins to feel down again. As this is going on, their teachers and Moforun have tea while watching the test.

Liz compliments the girls for their improvements in magic and flying, and Kay decides to use her magic on a tree nearby rather than directly on Liz like the others. Vines grow up and trap Liz within a cage, but she easily uses her magic to dispel it; just as both Emily and Jun use magic in an attempt to hit her, causing the to hit each other and make their flowers bloom. Kay gets so distracted that she fails to see Liz right next to her until her flower opens. She disappointingly floats down to join the others.

The teachers compliment their efforts as Mirai and Riko realize they are the only two left. Seeing as they're not focusing, Liz calls the girls out. But while Mirai keeps taking shots at her, she carelessly almost loses her hat while Riko is in such a daze that she's barely trying at all. Liz uses magic to launch several bubbles at Mirai, knocking her back into Riko and sending them to the ground. Riko asks Mirai if she's really in a big hurry to return home, and it dons on Mirai that she's upset. She tries not to cry, saying that she's so focused on passing because it's Riko's dream to become a great magician someday. She doesn't want them to separate either but Riko must pass this test.

They cheer each other up and return to their test, together casting magic. This misses and Liz whips up some clouds to form a large tornado around the girls, resulting in one of their brooms falling to the ground and worrying the others. Liz looks around trying to find them, managing to move just in time as they come out to reveal Mirai hanging from Riko's broom. The two brooms come together in a last-second blast of magic, and as everything settles, everyone looks to see that Liz's flower has bloomed. As promised at the beginning of the test, everyone gets a passing mark.

Everyone is overwhelmed with joy, but before they can accept their pass certificates, Batty appears and transforms them into a Yokubaru. Realizing that they don't have a choice -as the certificate serves as a testament of the hard work everyone put in and to protect the others- Mirai and Riko transform into the Ruby Style Pretty Cure. With teamwork and telling Batty that as long as they're together they can overcome anything, the Cures fight off the Yokubaru until they can safely use Ruby Passionale to purify it and regain the certificate. As the clouds clear and the sky begins to shine once more, they sadly stand while observing the scenery.

The day has come for Mirai and Mofurun to leave the Magic World. The students and teachers of the Magic School are all there to say farewell. Jun brings up how she would like to visit Mirai's world but has so far not found a way to get there, leading the girls to realize this was why she kept missing class. She assures Mirai that she'll find a way there some time, and - except for Riko. She assures Mirai that someday she'll manage though, and Kyoto hands over a handbook and reminds Mirai to continue acting in a way befitting of their school. The trio go on to reveal that they made a cape and hat for Mofurun to wear. Just as Isaac-sensei notices Riko isn't there, the snail that will take Mirai and Mofurun home starts up and begins to leave.

Kouchou finds Riko alone in a room in the school with Ha-chan and the picture of the Pegasus the girls took. He brings up that they allowed Mirai to stay there in hopes of finding out what their meeting would cause, but it was short-lived so they couldn't find an answer. However, the Magic Crystal has said something unexpected the prior night, that a new Linkle Stone has been found.

As the train leaves, Mofurun is very saddened. Mirai attempts to act happy for her sake by reminding her that they can come back to visit, and she offers Mofurun some of her -partially frozen- orange. She's confused realizing this and begins to cry as she thinks about Riko. When suddenly, they overhear something from outside. To their shock they find Riko with Ha-chan, and Riko reveals that she has to come along to search for the new Linkle Stone. Mirai and Mofurun run to the back to help her board the train, and Mirai continues to cry while embracing her.

Major Events

  • The class passes their final test.
  • Mirai leaves Magic World to return to No Magic World and Riko comes with her when she learns there is another Linkle Stone there.
  • Mirai and Riko's classmates and Liz learn of their identities as Pretty Cure.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • This episode features previews from Pretty Cure All Stars: Minna de Utau♪ Kiseki no Mahou!.
  • Mofurun wears her outfit seen in the episode titles for the first time.
  • The Cures use their Ruby Style forms in this episode.
  • This is the first episode to have been written by Kanehiro Aki, who will go on to write more episodes for the franchise and the light novel adaptation of Max Heart. She previously wrote the light novel adaptation of the first season.


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