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I'm Back! No Magic World! Wait, Where's Riko? (ただいま!ナシマホウ界!ってリコはどこ? Tadaima! Nashi Mahō Kai! tte Riko wa Doko??) is the 10th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 595th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Mirai and Riko finally arrive back in No Magic World only to find the Linkle Stone Topaz right in front of them. As they try and get it, a crow snatches it up. While they go in search for it, Riko becomes rather weak and hungry, so she ends up visiting Mirai's mother, Kyoko...


The next Linkle Stone has been revealed to be in the No Magic World, which Riko explains to Mirai as to what led her to show up there suddenly. She explains that it won't get in the way of her studies either, because visiting this world can also be beneficial for her magic lessons. Mirai feels relieved knowing this and Riko takes out a "hermit napper shell", which they can use as sleeping bags as the snail ride will take some time and by now it's gotten late. She reveals bringing some for everyone and together, she, Mirai, Ha-chan, and Mofurun curl up to rest- except for Mirai, who put the shell on the wrong way.

Back in the magic world, Kouchou is going over everything up to this point. From Pretty Cure and Ha-chan awakening, to the Linkle Stones beginning to appear, he wonders how all of these events connect and what they could mean. After he speaks to his Crystal Ball, he decides that for now they can only hope they remain safe.

As soon as they arrive at the station, the group locate the Linkle Stone Topaz lying right at their feet. They note that it is the final Guardian Stone of the set, meaning they will obtain new Pretty Cure forms. But before they can grab it a crow suddenly snatches the shiny gem and flies off with it. Ha-chan follows after it and Riko is forced to pull out her broom to give chase. Mirai attempts to join her but she's unable to open her magic suitcase. Riko manages to get Ha-chan back and warns her to be more careful, but she becomes so hungry that she can't fly anymore, and she lands on a tree. The crow lands to observe her before tossing the topaz link stone onto a passing truck.

Riko falls to the ground, right in the middle of a highway and she begins to panic. Ha-chan retreats into her booklet just as a woman approaches.

Meanwhile, Mirai attempts to find her while searching town when Mofurun picks up a sweet scent. They wonder if it could be Riko's diamond and follow it, just to come across several sweet snacks and pastries.

The woman pulls Riko out of harm's way and warns her to be careful, expressing that it was thoughtful of her to be sweeping the ground. Riko is about to tell her what her broom actually is but as the woman notices she is hungry, she invites Riko to come back home with her as she lives nearby and she can prepare her something. Riko accepts and admires the pretty accessories surrounding her while she waits. The woman brings over some onigiri while explaining that they sell gems of all types for accessories. Riko is astonished as she tries the delicious pickled plum within the onigiri, and the fruit juice the woman makes for her, and she asks her why she is being so kind. The woman explains that it's important to help those in need, and she points out having a daughter around Riko's age, so she couldn't just ignore her. She goes on to say that her daughter left for spring break and she hasn't heard from her since, so she has been concerned for her.

Mirai continues searching while snacking on some cookies she bought when Mofurun picks up another sweet smell. But this time, it's the topaz linkle stone. Mirai is about to leave with her mind completely set on finding Riko, but when she realizes what she just saw she turns to find a cat snatching it. She runs after it desperately calling out for Riko.

The woman goes on to ask Riko about her family, and Riko explains that her father is an Archaeologist, and her mom studies Gastronomy. They travel a lot so she doesn't get to see them too often, but the woman assures Riko that they probably worry over her still. Her daughter tends to lose focus whenever she becomes set on something, and before you can stop her, she'll be charging into something else headfirst. It can be a little annoying, but she claims that it can also be cute sometimes. Riko notes how familiar this girl sounds to the friend she came here with, and they share a laugh. Seeing that Riko has finished, the woman asks if she needs help finding her friend because two people searching would be more beneficial than just one; words that remind Riko of her first time meeting Mirai. She recalls how they went out for strawberry melon bread and thanks the woman for her help before rushing out.

Mirai is down to her last cookie and she's still hungry. Then, an idea overcomes her when she thinks about her beloved strawberry melon bread and she rushes over to the stand to find Riko there. They purchase some melon bread and while walking through the park they recall their first meeting when suddenly, the cat appears again. Seeing that it still has the topaz, the girls try to reclaim it but Sparda appears and wraps spiderweb around the cat to claim it for herself. She drops the cat after some of its hair gets into her nose and causes her to sneeze, but before the girls can make a grab for the new linkle stone she stops them in their tracks, refusing to let them gain any more power.

She summons a large cat on a motorcycle Yokubaru and the girls transform into the Sapphire Style Pretty Cure. They struggle keeping it away from them because of its fast motorcycle, and it claws at the girls to knock them back. As the girls get up from the hole in the cement caused by this, frightened humans run away in a panic seeing the Yokubaru and Sparda. Sparda remarks on how pathetic they are to be born without magic, but Riko reasons that someone like her fails to see their kindness. She thinks back to the woman who helped her and states that their warmth is the very same that she finds in the magic world.

Sparda doesn't want to hear this and she commands the Yokubaru to resume the attack. Cure Magical and Cure Miracle make the Yokubaru chase after them through town until they can distract it long enough to send its motorcycle spinning out of control. Then they attack it until they can purify it with Sapphire Smartish.

Sparda takes off and Mofurun sadly announces that the sweet scent of the Topaz Linkle Stone is gone. The girls aren't disappointed though, because they are sure they'll find it soon enough. Mirai decides to take Riko back to her place and leads her to the Jewelry shop, the whole time Riko glances around remarking on how familiar this location is. She expresses shock realizing the woman who helped her -Kyoko Asahina- is Mirai's mother. While she is happy to see Mirai again, she calmly chews out Mirai for telling her grandmother where she was going, but saying nothing to her. Kyoko goes on to reveal she's already met Riko earlier that day as Mirai goes to introduce them, and she curiously wonders what she missed as they start to laugh.

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