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Where were you.png|Mirai where were you?
Where were you.png|Mirai where were you?
Kyoto watching.png|Kyoto watching over the girls
Kyoto watching.png|Kyoto watching over the girls
wall_maho_10_1_S.jpg|This episode's first wallpaper from [[Pretty Cure Online]].
mtpc10.png|This episode's other wallpapers.

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I'm Back! No Magic World! Wait, where's Riko? (ただいま!ナシマホウ界!ってリコはどこ? Tadaima! Nashi Mahō Kai! tte Riko wa Doko??) is the 10th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 595th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.

Major Events

  • Mirai returns to No Magic World along with Riko.
  • The Linkle Stone Topaz is seen for the first time.
  • Mirai's father is seen for the first time, though in a family photo.


The next Linkle Stone has been revealed to be in the No Magic World. Riko was told about this by Kochou so she chased the train Mirai was on and boarded it. Mirai and Riko are overjoyed in having to stay together for a little while longer. And as soon as they arrive at the station, they find the Linkle Stone Topaz lying right at their feet.

But, due to the crow, the Topaz is flown off somewhere. Riko, with Ha-chan, chase the crow on her Magic Broom but after losing sight of the crow, she realizes that she got separated from Mirai and Mofurun. Due to being unfamiliar with the No Magic World, she gets help from a kind woman.

Because the two girls are thinking of each other, they manage to meet up again in front of a shop that sells Strawberry Melon Bread and they see a cat holding the Topaz. However, Sparda appears as Dokurokushe also sent the generals to search for the Linkle Stones in the No Magic World.

Mirai and Riko transform into the Sapphire Style Pretty Cure and purify the Yokubaru with Sapphire Smartish. As the Topaz has disappeared again, the two girls head to Mirai's house. And there, Riko meets the kind woman again who turns out to be Mirai's mother, Asahina Kyoko. As Riko and Kyoko smile at each other, Mirai stares in curiosity.


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