Mofurun's First School Visit? Getting the Exciting Topaz ~mofu! (モフルンの初登校?ワクワクのトパーズをゲットモフ! Mofurun no Hatsutōkō? Wakuwaku no Topāzu wo Getto ~mofu!?) is the 11th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 596th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Mirai reunites with her parents and announces that Riko will be attending school with her and living with her. However, Mofurun and Ha-chan sneak into school with the girls, who later awaken the Linkle Stone Topaz!

Major Events

  • Mirai and Riko transform using the Linkle Stone Topaz for the first time.
  • Cures Miracle and Magical perform Topaz Esperanza for the first time.
  • Riko starts attending Mirai's school and goes by the name: Izayoi Riko.
  • Mirai's father, Asahina Daikichi appears for the first time.
  • A student named Katsuki Kana discovers two students flying on brooms.
  • Ha-chan grows into her third stage and talks for the first time.


After being away from home for a long time, Mirai reunites with her father, Asahina Daikichi. Kyoto, the vice principal of Magic School, arrives to tell Mirai's parents that Riko will be attending the same school as Mirai from tomorrow. At the suggestion of Kyoko, Riko will be living with Mirai, making the two girls very happy.

Mirai and Riko are told by Kyoto to be very careful using their magic and make sure nobody sees them using magic or there would be consequences. The next day, however, the two girls are seen riding their Magic Brooms to school due to being late. They do not know that Mofurun and Ha-chan secretly came to school with them. Riko is revealed to be in the same class as Mirai which makes the two girls very happy.

Mofurun and Ha-chan came to school with Mirai and Riko to see what it was like. When Mofurun smells a sweet scent, she finds the Linkle Stone Topaz but they get lost in the school. However, Gamettsu appeared and Mofurun does her very best to protect the stone from her.

Light shines from the Topaz as it is reacting to Mofurun's courage. This light allows Mirai and Riko to transform into the Topaz Style Pretty Cure for the first time. They purify the Yokubaru with Topaz Esperanza. The two girls and fairies decide afterwards to always come to school together from now on but the fairies must stay hidden.


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