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Mofurun's First School Visit? Getting the Exciting Topaz ~mofu! (モフルンの初登校?ワクワクのトパーズをゲットモフ! Mofurun no Hatsutōkō? Wakuwaku no Topāzu wo Getto ~mofu!?) is the 11th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 596th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Mirai reunites with her parents and announces that Riko will be attending school with her and living with her. However, Mofurun and Ha-chan sneak into school with the girls, who later awaken the Linkle Stone Topaz!


After being away from home for a long time, Mirai reunites with her father, Asahina Daikichi, along with her grandmother. It's then they notice Kyoto, the vice principal of Magic School, has come in behind them. Everyone sits down for tea and when she observes her politeness and formal behavior, Mirai's grandmother believes she made a mistake- she thought Mirai said she went to "magic school" but it must have been "manners school". Kyoto goes on to explain that Riko will be attending the same school as Mirai from tomorrow. She already set up boarding, but Kyoko reasons that they have room at the Asahina household, so Riko can reside there.

The girls, Kyoto, and an elated Mofurun head to Mirai's bedroom for a magic discussion. She warns the girls that they must make sure nobody sees them using magic or else there would be consequences. She also mentions that while usually Riko would be in big trouble for what she's done thus far, she's been let off the hook for now. The girls follow Kyoto outside and with her umbrella, she flies back for home; something the girls find to be unfair but reason it's probably okay because it's late and nobody would see her.

While observing the crescent moon, they overhear a strange sound coming from the suitcase she packed for Riko and they return inside. With magic she opens it to reveal the various contents that was packed. From a casual dress to her school uniform, quills and books, a pass case, and some other important goods. But to the girl’s surprise they find the Crystal Ball within the contents, and she comes on to speak to the girls, requesting they just call her Cassie. The Headmaster appears to explain that he sent it so that they could communicate more easily, and he expresses surprise as the girls reveal what happened with the Topaz Linkle Stone. With school to keep in mind, Mirai decides that Mofurun will stay home with Ha-chan in case he should need to contact the girls.

Later that evening, Mofurun sadly chats with Ha-chan over this and explains how she was always with Mirai growing up. But when she started attending school, she had to stay home and wait for her. She thought she would grow up along with Mirai but that doesn't seem to be the case.

The following day Mirai's father amazes Riko by showing her a new gadget that got from work. Mirai explains how he works at an appliance company, so this isn't an uncommon occurrence. The girls hurriedly eat when Kyoko comes by to inform them of the time and they head out to get to school. Mirai suggests they use their brooms but Riko reminds her they can't, until she realizes that they still have a long way to go and running faster isn't going to help. Unaware to them, Katsuki Kana is also running late and she happens to spot them using their brooms.

At school, Riko takes off and Mirai happily runs into her friend Mayumi and a boy they know, Souta, and discover they all share class again. She doesn't realize that Ha-chan and Mofurun are hiding in her bag.

After going to class, Mirai is delighted to see Riko walk inside and the Teacher introduces her as her cuteness manages to get the attention of her classmates. Everyone is very curious when Mirai announces they live together, and the Teacher goes on to ask Riko for her last name, as one wasn't provided. Riko is momentarily at a loss until she recalls the moon phase she saw when she first came, so she addresses herself as Izayoi Riko. Just then, Kana arrives and she tiredly tries to explain what she saw, but nobody buys it. The Teacher tells Riko and Kana to have a seat, and they turn just in time to spot Mofurun and Ha-chan run by. Riko attempts to play dumb as Kana asks her if she saw it, realizing that they can't do anything about it as the class has to get to the entrance ceremony.

Mofurun and Ha-chan happily run around outside by the track. But as she picks up a sweet scent she spots the Topaz Linkle Stone. Before they can approach it Gamettsu appears to claim it for himself. Mofurun wants to get the girls but after recalling what Kyoto told them last night she realizes they can't. She is too frightened to try taking it from him, and Ha-chan is too little. Gathering her wits, Mofurun yells out to distract Gamettsu and rushes to the stone, picking it up and running away from him. As he's unable to catch her, he summons a Yokubaru out of nearby tree to attack. As they try to flee, Gamettsu corners them and grabs Mofurun, so Ha-chan hurries back to school to locate the girls. She sits outside the window and cries until they see her, just as the bell rings signaling the end of class.

The girls head outside to find Gamettsu and the Yokubaru and demand he release her. Mofurun refuses to let him have the Linkle Stone, and her passionate pleas and courage to stand up to him cause a vibrant yellow light to shine from it, activating the Topaz, the Linkle Stone of Excitement. This allows Mirai and Riko to transform into the Topaz Style Pretty Cure for the first time. With their newfound magic -and Ha-chan using magic to form a shield to protect her and Mofurun- the girls are able to keep up with the Yokubaru and fight it off, until they can use Topaz Esperanza to purify it.

Mofurun sadly starts to explain what happened when suddenly, Ha-chan begins to glow. In a flash of light, she is revealed to have aged again. She can even talk now, much to their surprise as she explains how much Mofurun wanted to be with them, and how hard they worked to try to keep the girls out of trouble when the Stone revealed itself. Hearing this, Mirai and Riko decide that from now on they can come to school with them, but they must remain out of sight and listen to them.

Major Events

  • Mirai and Riko transform using the Linkle Stone Topaz for the first time.
  • Cures Miracle and Magical perform Topaz Esperanza for the first time.
  • Riko starts attending Mirai's school and goes by the name: Izayoi Riko.
  • Mirai's father, Asahina Daikichi appears for the first time.
  • A student named Katsuki Kana discovers two students flying on brooms.
  • Ha-chan grows into her third stage and talks for the first time.


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