The Wide Starry Sky and Mirai's Memories (満天の星空とみらいの思い出 Manten no Hoshizora to Mirai no Omoide?) is the 12th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 597th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Now that Riko is attending school in No Magic World, she tries to adjust to the way class is handled there. During a starry night, Riko also learns about a time where Mirai had forgotten about her fear of the night by looking at the stars.

Major Events


Today, Mirai and Riko are at school attending the first class. Even though Riko studied magic, she has a lot of self confidence about attending the school as she was a honor student in the Magic School. Prepared for class, she gets ready for it to begin, however, due to the differences of the Magic World and the No Magic World, things did not go too well.

Riko was invited by Mirai and the others to play volleyball but she decides to not play and instead reads a book about the sport as Mofurun watches her. With Riko's reading done, she decides to go home alone. That night, Mirai invites Riko to go flying with her on the Magic Brooms.

While looking at the stars in the night sky, Mirai explains about the time she got lost when she was a child. She tells Riko that she forgot all about her fear of the night due to the star's brightness. Due to Mirai's story, Riko notices that she gets upset.

Riko eventually smiles again but then a Yokubaru appears and the two girls are forced to transform into their Ruby Style Pretty Cure. They fight the Yokubaru for a little bit before performing Ruby Passionale to purify it. After the fight, a new Linkle Stone appears called the Linkle Stone Tanzanite from the starry sky. The next day, Riko goes to school and gets along with Mirai's friends without being mean.


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