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The Wide Starry Sky and Mirai's Memories (満天の星空とみらいの思い出 Manten no Hoshizora to Mirai no Omoide?) is the 12th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 597th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Now that Riko is attending school in No Magic World, she tries to adjust to the way class is handled there. During a starry night, Riko also learns about a time where Mirai had forgotten about her fear of the night by looking at the stars.


Riko is up early and ready for school, unlike Mirai, whose alarm hasn't gone off yet. Ha-chan wants to play but Riko informs her that she will have to wait and she goes on to update the Headmaster on obtaining the Topaz Linkle Stone.

After reminding Mofurun and Ha-chan to be quiet during school the girls, they arrive and Riko dazzles the class with her maturity- to the point that they wonder why she's become friends with Mirai. She is very confident in her abilities to do regular schooling because she was an honor student back at home. She begins to study when some classmates approach, and Mirai gets up recalling its her job to clean the blackboard today. Mayumi offers to lend her a hand and she asks how the girls met, and bringing up that Riko seems hard to approach. Mirai assures her that she isn't.

Class begins and while Riko manages to be right, she goes overboard in arriving to the right answer. She feels disappointed but Mirai is sure it will be fine. During break, Mirai's friends invite the girls to join them for some volleyball. As she's never heard of it Riko spends her time jotting down notes rather than actually playing, and she runs off to do some research; resulting in Mirai taking the ball to the face after she gets distracted realizing this.

Riko purchases a book on volleyball -along with a balloon- and leaves a shop, where she finds out that she has Mofurun with her, having grabbed the wrong bag. She expresses frustration over the mistakes she keeps making, so she asks Mofurun to help her out.

Meanwhile, Mirai sadly rubs her sore face while wondering why Riko has been acting strange. As Ha-chan reveals herself and brings this up with her, Mirai recalls how excited she was that morning and contemplates what could have changed since then.

After reading her book further, Riko has Mofurun help her learn to play volleyball using her balloon. She seems to get the hang of it and the terminologies used while playing and takes a break so that Mofurun can massage her shoulders, noticing she's become sore. She explains that as she is from the magic world she can't take things easy, she wants to do everything with perfection as their representative. They are unaware of Sparda being nearby, searching for the Emerald Linkle Stone.

During dinner Mirai recalls how well Riko did in school, but Riko isn't satisfied. As they bring up learning about Constellations, Mirai's father recalls how they used to go stargazing when she was little. He remembers a time when she got separated from them, and how he expected to find her crying and scared- but she was actually smiling, and happy. He was so bewildered that he didn't know how to react. Riko remarks that Mirai hasn't seemed to change since then.

Later, as Riko attempts to study she gets interrupted by Mirai, who is donning her witch attire and riding her broom with Mofurun, and together they head out. Unfortunately it's so cloudy that they can't see any stars tonight. Mirai goes on to explain that her dad doesn't know the entire story about that night when she got lost. She actually was very scared, and she cried a lot while trying to find her way through the dark woods. But after dropping Mofurun, she happened to see the thousands of twinkling stars in the sky, and their light calmed her down.

She gained a new perspective that night, and she believes this is what Riko needs too. She should relax and enjoy the moment instead of always looking ahead, so that she doesn't miss something new and exciting. They get to be together again, so they should focus on having fun like they used to in the Magic World. Riko thinks about how much fun Mirai had during school and realizes she has a point, and Mirai suggests that because they already flew out so far they might as well try to go above the clouds to see the stars. However, in her attempt to do so a large spiderweb stops Mirai, bouncing her back and sending both her and Riko to the ground when she tries to help her.

Sparda reveals herself to the girls and using her webs, she forms Yokubaru out of the clouds and signs. The girls yell at her for being so noisy and disturbing the peace and they transform into Ruby Style Cure Magical and Cure Miracle. Their moves manage to go right through the large cloud monster, and it sucks up even more clouds to grow in size. In this moment, Miracle realizes that it's become very slow now, comparing this realization to a change in perspective as they manage to injure it, now that it can't react to them as quickly. They perform Ruby Passionale to purify it.

Everything returns to normal and Sparda angrily takes off. With most of the clouds now gone, the girls can properly admire the star filled sky. Riko compliments its beauty, which she's never noticed before, and the girls bring up how she seems to be back to normal now. Initially Riko is confused, until Ha-chan brings up the face she kept making all day, much to her embarrassment. Mirai goes on to recall what Mayumi said earlier, about wanting to talk to Riko. She is a bit concerned, but Riko is ready to take Mirai's advice and discover all sorts of new, beautiful things.

It's then the girls see one particular star shining even brighter than the rest. Riko holds out her hands in admiration and to their surprise, the star floats to her hands to reveal itself as the Tanzanite Linkle Stone. The girls fly for home, unaware of one of their classmates having spotted them, but unable to make them out because of how far away they are.

The following day the girls are approached by Mayumi and Souta, and Riko asks that she join them in playing volleyball later, but explains that she needs help learning how to play it. She also gives them permission to just call her by her name and they begin to head to school.

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