A Fun BBQ! Finding A~Lot of Happiness! (たのしいBBQ!幸せたくさんみ~つけた! Tanoshī BBQ! Shiawase Takusan Mi~tsuketa!?) is the 13th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 598th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls attend a barbecue and receive important information on how to find the remaining Linkle Stones. Mofurun helps them search, and the Cures find themselves in many sticky situations...

Major Events


Mirai, Riko and the others all go to a campsite to have a barbecue. There, they found Liz who had came with a letter from Kouchou. Mirai loves barbecues and thinks preparing for it is exciting but Riko doesn't understand why she is and tries to use her magic instead of using the convenient appliances.

Kouchou's letter tells the girls about a clue on how to find the new Linkle Stones. With Mofurun's guidance, they follow a sweet smell all the way in the mountain, but they do not find the Linkle Stone. Riko decides to use her magic to find it but she doesn't do so well, in which they get chased by bees. To get away from the bees and make sure nobody sees them, they fly into the water. Riko uses her magic to dry Mirai, Mofurun, Ha-chan and herself off.

Back at the campsite, Riko gets to try her first meal from a barbecue and was surprised by how delicious it tasted. Riko learns that making food with all your effort brings a happy feeling within you. But then, Batty strikes and Mirai and Riko have to transform into the Sapphire Style Pretty Cure.

With their attack Sapphire Smartish, Cure Miracle and Cure Magical easily purify the Yokubaru. After the fight, Riko notices that Kouchou had sent the letter without using magic and decides to look for a four-leaf clover without the help of magic, but with her own hands. And when she finds her four-leaf clover, it changes in the Linkle Stone Mirai and Riko were looking for: the Linkle Stone Peridot.


Pretty Cures



Secondary Characters


  • Mirai says the clover is proof of happiness referring to Fresh's four leaf clover.
  • The Cures use their Sapphire Style forms in this episode.


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