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A Fun BBQ! Finding A~Lot of Happiness! (たのしいBBQ!幸せたくさんみ~つけた! Tanoshī BBQ! Shiawase Takusan Mi~tsuketa!?) is the 13th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 598th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls attend a barbecue and receive important information on how to find the remaining Linkle Stones. Mofurun helps them search, and the Cures find themselves in many sticky situations...


Mirai, Riko, Mr. Asahina, and Mirai's friends Yuuto, Mayumi, and Souta are driving to a campsite for a barbecue. Riko is very excited as she's never been to one before; she's also riding in a car for the first time and is perplexed by its features.

Upon arrival, the guys offer to help Riko carry the equipment and to the girls surprise, they discover Liz has been there waiting for them. She has come to deliver a letter from Kouchou, and she goes on to introduce herself to Mr. Asahina and thanks him for looking after Riko. She manages to impress their friends and Mr. Asahina invites her to join them. Katsuki and her parents come out of their tent to reveal they have shown up as well. As the guys prepare the tents and gather firewood the girls decide to handle preparing the foods.

Liz shows the girls how to put together the skewers of meat and vegetables when Riko suggests sneaking off to Mirai so that they can read the letter. She agrees, only for her dad to ask them to get water and prepare the rice. While getting the water they quickly overlook the letter to see that Kouchou has left them a hint to locate the next Linkle Stone. They find it to be rather unhelpful and return to the rice, where Mirai shows Riko how to wash it. She suggests she give it a try and Riko thinks the water is too cold, so she considers using magic as it would be easier. Mirai reasons that by doing this she would be missing out on the fun though, just as Ha-chan appears.

She, Mirai, and Mofurun head over to the field of clovers and Mirai finds one right away. Riko doesn't understand why this is so special and reminds Mirai that they were supposed to be looking for the Linkle Stone. Mirai explains how four-leaf clovers symbolize happiness because of their luck, and when Riko attempts to use magic again Mirai gently scolds her, saying she should look for her luck with her own hands. When Mofurun detects a sweet scent coming from the nearby hill, the girls use magic to summon their brooms and fly up to the top to search- but it turns out to only be honey. The girls are forced to flee when a hoard of bees give chase. Flying over the campsite -just as Liz and Katsuki notice- the girls realize they have to go elsewhere to avoid being caught. With no other option, Riko grabs Mirai's hand and flies them down into the nearby lake, where they hide beneath the water while holding their breaths until the coast is clear. After resurfacing, Riko uses her magic to hurriedly dry them off.

The girls quickly attempt to locate the Linkle Stone after noticing that because they have been gone for a while, the others might start worrying if they remain gone too much longer. First they approach a bird and use magic to speak to it, but the bird refuses to cooperate without some fruit. When the girls can't obtain any it flies away, so Riko uses magic on some dry leaves nearby to ask them, and they just make arrows in various directions before being whisked away. She then tries on the trees but gets no response.

Returning to the campsite, everyone prepares to eat; with the exception of Riko, who hesitates. Mofurun uses a Linkle Stone to provide food for Ha-chan, and Katsuki runs up to the girls to bring up what she saw. She wonders if the figures she saw were magicians while Riko and Mirai feverishly try to claim she must have just seen some birds passing by. Liz manages to distract them with finished rice and everyone returns to their meals, with Riko finally taking a bite. She's surprised by it's wonderful taste and Mr. Asahina approaches the girls to explain how better food can be when made with effort. While there may have tools to make everyday life easier, simple methods also bring with them happiness obtained from knowing one has done their best. Riko thinks about Kouchou's letter mentioning such happiness within the greenery and begins contemplating its meaning.

After washing their hands Mirai hands over her clover to Riko, but Riko tells her to keep it because she plans on finding her own. Just then, Batty appears and summons a Yokubaru. The girls transform into Sapphire Mode Cure Miracle and Cure Magical. The bee Yokubaru is easily able to pummel the girls and launch several explosive stinger missles at them. Magical recalls earlier when they were running from the bees and with Miracle, they lead the Yokubaru close to the water, going so fast that it can't avoid it and being attacked by its own stingers. Then they use Sapphire Smartish to purify it.

Batty takes off and the girls return to the clover field, where Riko begins to search for a four-leaf and explain to Mirai the valuable lesson she learned today; to use ones hands and appreciate the simpler things now-and-then in order to find a forgotten happiness and the satisfaction they can't feel through other means. She theorizes this is why Kouchou had Liz deliver the letter as well. As they search Mofurun picks up a scent as they spot a shining four-leaf clover, and Riko picks it up to find that within it was the Linkle Stone Peridot.

The girls return to reunite with Liz, who confesses that she was beginning to worry about them. They explain how she aided them in finding what they were searching for, and Liz theorizes that the item revealed itself to her because of its attraction to her. When Riko and Mirai express confusion, she recalls the shooting star she saw while holding Riko as a baby, and how it landed in the wand tree and became a wand for her. Their family truly believe Riko possesses something wonderful, and she knows that she and Mirai will continue to grow to become magnificent magicians.

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  • Mirai says the clover is proof of happiness referring to Fresh's four leaf clover.
  • The Cures use their Sapphire Style forms in this episode.


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