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Everyone's Flower Circle! The Great Test Operation! (みんな花マル!テスト大作戦! Min'na Hanamaru! Tesuto Daisakusen!?) is the 14th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 599th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Riko receives a perfect score for a math exam, while Mirai fails and has to take a re-test. She tries to study for it but she does not find herself interested in the subject, making it difficult for her to get the hang of things.


Receiving their tests from math back, Mirai is disappointed to learn she must retake it for failing. Riko impresses the class when their Teacher reveals she was the only one to get a perfect grade. During break they go outside to show their tests to Mofurun and Ha-chan and explain what a hanamaru stamp is, saying that people get rewarded with this special stamp when they do really good. Ha-chan tries drawing a hanamaru and Mofurun swipes Mirai's test from her pocket, saddening her upon being reminded she will have to take the make-up test.

When classes resume, Mirai is shown to eagerly participate in each one and seems to enjoy herself.

Mirai tries to study for her re-test but things do not go so well as all her other subjects are exciting while maths is just plain old boring. Riko tries to encourage Mirai to study by studying alongside her and accidentally makes the TV disappear when Mirai tries to watch something on it. Mirai wonders how Riko is able to study with all that effort she uses.

The re-test day has finally come and Riko decides to write a message to support Mirai with the help of her broom which creates clouds from its bristles. Seeing this, Mirai vows to do her best to make Riko happy. As Mirai talks to Riko, Mofurun and Ha-chan about how relieved she is about finishing the test, Gamettsu appears to look for a Linkle Stone.

Mirai and Riko transform into the Dia Style Pretty Cure and attack the Yokubaru with the power of the Linkle Stone Tanzanite, used by Cure Miracle, and the Linkle Stone Peridot, used by Cure Magical. When they defeat the Yokubaru with Diamond Eternal, Gamettsu takes his leave. A day later, Mirai gets her test back. She doesn't get a flower circle stamp but she and Riko are very happy that she passed. After celebrating over Ha-chan's success of drawing her own flower circle, a new Linkle Stone appears before the two girls: the Linkle Stone Moonstone.

Major Events

  • The Cures obtain the Linkle Stone Moonstone.
  • Cure Miracle performs a spell with the Linkle Stone Tanzanite for the first time, while Cure Magical performs a spell with the Linkle Stone Peridot for the first time.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The Cures use their Dia Style forms in this episode.


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