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Messed Havoc! Ha-chan's Various Changes! (ハチャメチャ大混乱!はーちゃん七変化! Hachamecha Daikonran! Hā-chan Shichihenge!?) is the 15th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 600th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Ha-chan suddenly changes form after making breakfast with the Linkle Smartbook and causes trouble in Mirai's world.


One morning, Ha-chan wakes up and she feels hungry, but with Mirai running really late, Riko focusing on finishing her school work, and Mofurun sleeping soundly, she goes ignored. She waves around the pen for the Linkle Smartbook and pretends to cast a spell, causing it to react to the nearby case of Linkle Stones. The pen slips out of her hands and starts drawing various shapes as the Linkle Stones insert themselves into the Smartbook, until she has a whole pile of delicious foods.

As she is about to finish, Ha-chan hiccups and suddenly transforms into a blue snowman. Mirai runs into the room realizing she forgot something, followed by Riko and Moforun, who just woke up as she transforms into a red dragon. The girls ask what happened but because she's still angry with them, Ha-chan storms off.

With no choice the girls are forced to leave for school, but as they arrive Mirai decides to go looking for her. Before they can make a move, Katsuki startles them and points the girls out to the "winged lizard" in the nearby tree. They turn to find out it's actually Ha-chan, just as she changes into a yellow lightning ogre. Riko and Mirai prepare to follow but their Teacher shows up and yells at them for trying to leave when class is about to start.

Ha-chan gleefully continues to float around, as Riko and Mirai become distracted and are unable to focus in class. She comes across an older man observing some flowers and Ha-chan asks him to play with her, but she gets upset when he doesn't see her and starts walking away. In retaliation, she summons a storm cloud and follows after him, making it rain and throw down small lightning bolts as the man tries helplessly avoiding her- a display that Mirai's class happens to catch after they go on break.

Mirai uses her magic to summon an umbrella for the man while Riko hands gets him a towel. Ha-chan takes off again and observes to guys playing baseball nearby, and she hiccups to become a dark blue space creature. The girls find her just as she uses her UFO to levitate the baseball and toss it high into the sky; but the guys don't see her and one of them is led to believe it was his friend who did it and he is very impressed. The girls decide not to do anything as it didn't harm anyone, but with class resuming they can't keep looking. Mofurun assures the girls that she can handle it.

The girls are worriedly trying to focus on class as Mofurun spots Ha-chan, now a green bird. But she hiccups and turns into a light grey wolf, which frightens the chickens and causes them to burst out of their cage and run Mofurun over. She is found by Mirai and Riko later, and when they return to class they find Mayumi and Katsuki discussing the a blue flying fish, a strange pink flower, and a white unicorn; all of which Katsuki believes to be fairies, that must be working with the witches she saw. Mayumi isn't entirely convinced, but the girls are very worried.

After spotting unicorn Ha-chan flying by the window, Mirai and Riko run outside as she's leaving school grounds. They give chase and continue to call out to her, but are unable to find any sign of her. They begin to blame themselves for Ha-chan leaving like this, recalling how they ignored her that morning and how she probably felt lonely and saddened. Riko also says that because they are like her surrogate mothers, they should be watching after her. It's then they overhear a child telling his mother he spotted a "little horsey" flying in the sky, so the girls follow his directions.

Ha-chan approaches Sparda and asks her to play with her. Sparda refuses because she has to focus on finding the Emerald, and she traps Ha-chan in a small bag made from webbing when she starts pestering her. However, Ha-chan returns to normal and she begins to sense the Linkle Stones have some connection to her, just as the girls show up and demand she be released. Knowing this, Sparda tosses Ha-chan aside and summons a Yokubaru. The girls transform into Topaz Mode Cure Magical and Cure Miracle, but because of the Yokubaru's slippery banana peel body they struggle to attack it. They manage to hit it together by attacking its head, forcing it to get stuck within the ground and during the distraction they quickly free Ha-chan, relieved to see she's alright. Ha-chan cries and returns to her Smartbook, and the girls return to battle, using Topaz Esperanza to purify it. Sparda storms off to report what happened.

Ha-chan apologizes to everyone for worrying them, but to her confusion they apologize in return, explaining how they shouldn't have ignored her. She apologizes for her selfishness but the girls assure her it's okay, promising they can go out together next time. It's then Riko wonders what happened to cause Ha-chan's transformations. Mofurun theorizes that because of her eating so much of the food from the Linkle Stones, their magical power became overwhelming. As Ha-chan tells them she is hungry, Riko worriedly brings up school, hoping that she didn't cause too much damage today.

The older man observes the healthier flowers, while the two boys playing baseball are now running on the track for training. A group of girls begin to chat about the fairies inspiring them to draw for an upcoming event. With this, Mirai and Riko are glad everyone is so happy, until Souta approaches them to bring up the "Happiness Fairies" everyone saw throughout the day, asking if they saw any. Mirai and Riko become flustered and try to answer without looking suspicious, eventually bursting into an awkward laughter.

Major Events

  • Ha-chan learns that she can take other forms.
  • Yamoh takes interest in Ha-chan after learning from Sparda that she may be related to the Linkle Stones.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • This episode is similar to an episode from Fresh Pretty Cure!, where the girls had to stop Chiffon from wreaking havoc and keep her from being seen.
  • This episode is named from the first lyrics of the OP to commemorate the 600th episode milestone.
  • The Cures use their Topaz Style forms in this episode.


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