Messed Havoc! Ha-chan's Various Changes! (ハチャメチャ大混乱!はーちゃん七変化! Hachamecha Daikonran! Hā-chan Shichihenge!?) is the 15th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 600th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Ha-chan suddenly changes form after making breakfast with the Linkle Smartbook and causes trouble in Mirai's world.

Major Events

  • Ha-chan gains many form changes and causes havoc in the No Magic World.
  • Yamoh takes interest in Ha-chan after learning from Sparda that she may be related to the Linkle Stones.


Ha-chan wakes up one morning feeling very hungry. But Mirai is trying to get ready for school, Riko is too busy studying and Mofurun is too tired. Ha-chan decided to use the Linkle Smartbook herself in which she creates her breakfast with magic. After eating too much, Ha-chan sneezes and she suddenly transforms!

Ha-chan goes outside to play after she transforms and Mirai, Riko and Mofurun go outside to try and stop her. But Ha-chan does not want to listen to them and heads towards the school. There, Ha-chan transforms multiple times and is witnessed by everyone, which causes a fuss.

At the end of class, Mirai and Riko rush out to find Ha-chan. Meanwhile, Ha-chan finds Sparda by chance and asks her to play with her. Sparda senses the power of the Linkle Stones from within Ha-chan and captures her with her webs. Mirai and Riko turn up and transform into the Topaz Style Pretty Cure and try to rescue Ha-chan. But Sparda wishes to capture Ha-chan so she creates a Yokubaru.

The Pretty Cure defeat the Yokubaru with Topaz Esperanza and Sparda takes her leave. Mirai and Riko finally release Ha-chan and the two girls apologize for not looking after her. Ha-chan apologizes for her selfishness and Mirai and Riko say that she brought a smile to everyone's faces and that the people from the school who witnessed Ha-chan decided that she was a good thing and called her the "Fairy of Happiness" which made Ha-chan very happy. Meanwhile, Sparda is telling Yamoh about Ha-chan.


Pretty Cures



Secondary Characters


  • Much like Chiffon from Fresh Pretty Cure!, Ha-chan causes some havoc in the No Magic World and the Cures have to do their best to stop her.
  • This episode is named from the first lyrics of the OP to commemorate the 600th episode milestone.
  • The Cures use their Topaz Style forms in this episode.


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