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Long Time No See! A Visit From the Supplementary Mates! (久しぶりっ!補習メイトがやってきた! Hisashiburi! Hoshū Meito ga Yattekita!?) is the 16th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 601st episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Jun, Kay, and Emily, along with François, pay Mirai and Riko a visit in No Magic World. Along with Mirai's classmates Kana and Mayumi, the group have a day out on the town, but they have to be careful not to get magic involved.


To their surprise, Mirai and Riko are greeted by Jun, Kay, and Emily at the Asahina household. They reveal that François helped them out, mentioning that the girls haven't written since they left, so they wanted to check on them.

Mirai and Riko take the group out for some strawberry melon bread and eat the light-up candies and cycookies -cookies that change flavors- they brought with them. Riko goes on to ask François if he had business there, and he opens his suitcase to reveal all sorts of fabrics. He came because he was looking for some Western-inspired fabric to use for his clothing, and he's allowed to come whenever he wants. Ha-chan then appears, and realizing she's never met the group, Mirai and Riko explain that she came from the Magic World. When she goofs around with Mofurun, Riko scolds them as someone could see them, but she begins to feel depressed as the trio reveal how far their magic skill has improved since they left.

As the group make their way through town they are unaware of Batty and Sparda being somewhere in town searching for the Linkle Smartphone. Kay and Emily become anxious and curious as they see a car for the first time and Jun reveals to know what they are, because of her interest in the Non Magic World, she's done a lot of studying on it using guidebooks. They spot a helicopter flying over head and just when Riko reminds Jun not to use magic, they are found by Kana and Mayumi. Quickly the girls meet each other, Riko explaining how Jun, Kay, and Emily come from her home country, and François offers to let them join their group.

At the shopping mall, Jun continues to demonstrate her knowledge of the No Magic World to Riko, Emily, and Kay while Mirai makes sure to distract Kana and Mayumi whenever they would say or do something suspicious. At one point they take a group photograph together and stop for some food, where the magic girls continue to be impressed by simple things- like the drink machine. As this is going on, François chats with Riko and Mirai and recalls his first time coming there for studying. He explains how it's not uncommon for those from the Magic World to come here, like a nearby man on his laptop, and one of the waitress. He even claims some popular stars are from there too. Jun rejoins the girls having heard them, and announces how she wants to come there once she graduates from school.

Kana and Mayumi are very surprised as the girls continue to express further amazement in basic things, such as bicycles. François seems to be aware of what was bothering Riko and assures her that she doesn't have to worry about falling behind, because there are things she will be able to learn here that several of them will not. Mirai agrees and reminds her of what she said regarding effort, and how as long as she tries then it's not for nothing. With that, François goes to collect the trio after realizing what time it is.

As he goes to do that, Sparda reveals herself to Mirai and Riko and they are forced to hop on a broom and make a quick escape. Batty trails behind them to observe the fight about to occur, as Sparda shoots a web at the girls and forces the broom to fall onto the roof of a building; the Linkle Smarphone slides away but Riko manages to grab it. Sparda demands they hand it over and spreads very thick, dark clouds throughout the darkening sky. Mirai and Riko transform into Sapphire Style Cure Miracle and Cure Magical and she retaliates by fusing with her Yokubaru. This causes lightning to wreak havoc all over town as a disbelieving Batty observes the display.

The girls are barely able to keep up with Sparda as she shoots out beams at them and physically pummels them. But they refuse to let her win for the sake of spreading darkness throughout both worlds, and she won't get away with threatening their beloved friends. Light begins to shine through the darkened clouds, with Ha-chan using her own power to boost their attack, and the duo use Sapphire Smartish to purify Sparda.

Everything clears up and next to her staff is a spider resembling Sparda. Batty appears and picks both of them up, taking off while Yamoh discovers her defeat, quickly appeasing the frustrated Dokurokushe.

Mirai and Riko return to their friends, apologizing as they take note of the setting sun. As Riko begins to admire its beauty, Kay, Jun, and Emily happily notice she's changed since she came here. Unfortunately noticing how late it's gotten, the group is forced to run for transportation after François gives Riko a hug and compliments her maturity. The group promise to return soon and they say their farewells. As Kana and Mayumi chat about how fun today was, they happen to spot a flying carpet in the sky and call attention to it, causing Riko and Mirai to hurriedly try convincing them that they saw a helicopter or must be tired.

Major Events

  • The Dark Magicians target the Linkle Smartbook for the first time.
  • Sparda fuses with a helicopter while summoning the Yokubaru to power it up herself.
  • With Ha-chan's help, the Cures defeat Sparda, who reverts back into a spider.
  • Emily, Kay, and Jun get to come to the No Magic World for the first time.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The Cures use their Sapphire Style forms in this episode.
  • The transformation sequence is shortened for the first time.
  • When Jun, Kay and Emily arrive on Mirai's house and ring the bell they are not present at the door. When Mirai opens it, they are present.


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