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Crystal, Please Tell Us! The Person in Grandma's Memories (水晶さんおしえて!おばあちゃんの思い出の人 Suishō-san Oshiete! Obāchan no Omoide no Hito?) is the 17th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 602nd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Mirai's grandmother tells the girls of a mysterious childhood memory in which she received a kitten from a man. While searching for the man, the Cures find the Linkle Stone Garnet!


Riko assists the Asahina family cleaning the house, but when Mirai attempts to use a little magical assistance she gets caught by both Kyoko and her grandmother, Kanako. They tease her as Riko shows up having overheard. Kanako pretends to use magic, dampening some newspaper to clean the windows Mirai was having trouble with and wiping it with the dry side. It's then Daikichi rushes into the room with a box full of old items, but he trips and spills its contents. The girls spot a photo album to find a picture of Kanako when she was younger.

With Mirai and Riko, Kanako sits down to talk about the mysterious man she met at the park the picture was taken in. She couldn't ever forget that day; but she cannot recall the man exactly. Mirai dreamily ponders this as the girls return to her bedroom when the crystal ball -Cassie- starts complaining about having to look up something urgent from Kouchou. It's always the same thing, and she's tired of it. Riko asks if she could do a divination for them, dressing up as a fortune teller and commenting on how she's always wanted to try this out. Cassie agrees but she asks the girls to choose something easy and fun.

Mirai brings up what happened earlier and Riko agrees that this would be interesting, so they ask her who the man from Kanako's memory is. Just then, Kouchou appears through the crystal ball to speak to them, having heard about the Linkle Smartbook being targeted. The girls confirm this and explain what happened, so he warns them to keep guard in case someone tries this again. He asks Cassie to resume her work and hangs up. She complains again and Mirai suggests they take her out for some fresh air, reasoning the movement may help her loosen up.

In town the girls try to find the person from Kanako's past again. Cassie tells them that the one they look for is closer than they think, but before she can elaborate an older man appears and asks for directions from the girls. He explains that he was trying to find a rice cracker shop to try its products while he was there but he's having no luck, so with some magic the girls manage to locate it and lead him there. Kanako happens to spot them behind her and she stops to look at the man momentarily, only to remark that he has something on his collar. After getting her purchase she walks back with the girls explaining how she frequented the shop since a young age. She compliments them for being so kind to the man and takes off for home.

In his office, Kouchou and Isaac discuss the recent targeting of the Linkle Smartbook and he invites Isaac to partake in the souvenirs Francois brought back from his recent trip. He gives Isaac some handmade tea and explains that while he knows they are surrounded by magical equipment, he's still prohibiting himself from using it and has been fine.

The girls continue searching for the mysterious man and an older gentleman is shown to be painting by the park monument. A little boy who recognizes him offers to lead the girls to him, but when they try to speak to him they bump into Kanako again. She explains that she has been taking art classes, and it turns out that so are many other people surrounding them. As the man observes her work and compliments her improvements since last time, Mirai happens to recognize the monument as the one from the old photograph.

Later, once everyone else has left the girls join Kanako for some rice crackers and she confirms the location being the same. She is surprised by what they were trying to do, and she mentions that they couldn't have expected to get far without any clues, then she wonders if they were using magic. Mirai begins to panic until Riko asks her if she believes in magic, and Kanako confirms that she does because it makes things more fun. She asks the girls if she wants to hear who this mysterious guy was, and she starts by saying he was a magician.

Just then they spot a kitten stuck at the top of the tree. The girls rush off to get help, hiding and using magic to have their cloaks conceal them so that Kanako won't see them flying up to it. Unfortunately, the wind blows their cloaks off as they fly away to a safe spot to put it down and Kanako seems to spot them. The heavy wind causes her to remember the mysterious man, who she witnessed performing the same action. He returned the kitten to her and as thanks she gave him the rice crackers she purchased, and she watched him fly away; as graceful as he had appeared.

After coming out of her memory, Kanako picks up a kitten an smiles as she waits for the girls to return. The girls see her off and they feel better to see how happy she looks as Mofurun points out a sweet scent she's been smelling for some time. Ha-chan appears and she floats up to an orange butterfly that has been floating around them throughout the day and it transforms into the Land Linkle Stone: Garnet. Just then, Gamettsu appears and he makes demands for the Linkle Smartbook. After he summons a Rose Yokubaru the girls transform into Topaz Style Cure Magical and Cure Miracle.

Quickly the Yokubaru manages to grab the girls and it pulls them into its bud, Ha-chan accidentally dropping the Linkle Stone in her attempt to keep the Smartbook safe. The girls are appalled by the dreary scenery within the flower and chew out Gamettsu for ruining it, but he tells them that everything is just a means for him to gain power. They are just tools meant to be used until they can't be any longer. Angered by his care-less attitude, the girls hold hands and form a brilliant light that gives them enough energy to break free from the flower. They use magic to fight off the Yokubaru, followed by purifying it with Topaz Esperanza.

Unfortunately, the battle ends on a sad note when the girls realize Gamettsu has the garnet Linkle Stone. He offers it up as the prize for their next battle and takes off, and Ha-chan bawls realizing what happened, leaving Mofurun to comfort her. They head for home and tuck Ha-chan in, having cried herself to sleep and they head back outside to wonder who this mysterious man was, having found no answer. They get excited at the prospect that he could have been a magic user, as she said he was a magician.

Meanwhile, Kouchou is enjoying some rice crackers while he thinks about the vast knowledge one gets from both the No Magic World and the Magic World. He confesses that he "rarely" goes out to explore, implying that he was the man from Kanako's memory as he mentions that it's been a pretty long time.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Kanako had met Kouchou in her past when he gave her a kitten.
  • The Linkle Stone Garnet appears, but Gamettsu steals it.


  • The Cures use their Topaz Style forms in this episode.


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