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Returning to the Magic World! Take Back the Linkle Stone! (魔法界再び!リンクルストーンを取り戻せ! Mahō Kai Futatabi! Rinkuru Sutōn wo Torikaese!?) is the 18th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 603rd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


As Ha-chan despairs over losing the Linkle Stone, the Cures receive an invitation from Gamettsu to battle against him for it. With that, they head back into Magic World in order to face him, but he proves to be stronger than they anticipated.


While trying to cheer up Ha-chan the girls receive a letter from Gamettsu telling them to meet him at Horizon Island, a location in the Magic World. He will return the Linkle Stone Garnet if they beat him in a duel. The Asahina family see the girls off and they quickly make their way through the station leading them into the Magic World.

They pass over Kay, Jun, and Emily during magic wand exercises, and run into Miss Loretta, who is practicing her flying skills with Cissy, Dorothy, and Nacy. She informs the girls that it will take 3-days on broom to reach Horizon Island and offers them a ride in an underwater whale ship to speed things along. While on their way, Loretta and the girls discuss how they have been encouraging the others to get out of the ocean and explore, and their words of bravery give Ha-chan something to think about.

Arriving to their destination, Loretta points out that the horizon island is above them in the sky. But as the girls look they find a large storm cloud awaiting them, and while trying to determine how to get through them, the Pegasus mother and baby suddenly appear. They offer to help the girls, causing Cissy, Dorothy, and Nancy to point out how likely their situation was to their own, in that they came to trust Riko and Mirai and became better because of them. The duo insist this isn't true though, saying it was their strong feelings that were supporting them as they tried doing their best. After saying farewell to the mermaids the girls take off.

The Pegasus drop the girls off on a smaller island near the one they need to meet Gamettsu at, and they fly over as he complains, wondering if he should have chosen a closer location. He accuses them of doing this on purpose so that he would lower his guard, but he tells them it won't work. He's been studying them this entire time and he is ready to bring his full power to take them down. With his true magic unleashed, Gamettsu transforms into a magical warrior as darkness fills the area.

He commands the girls to use Ruby Style and they oblige, transforming into Cure Miracle and Cure Magical. However, because of his increased strength they struggle to fight him off and are unable to land a blow. He throws them around several times before preparing to finish them off, when suddenly, Ha-chan flies in the way to protect the girls. She demands that he stops and she tries to keep him away but because she's so small this does nothing. He compliments Ha-chan for being so brave, but tells her how futile this is because feelings mean nothing to him, they won't move him to reconsideration. He effortlessly blows her away but she keeps trying and yells out, causing a vibrant light to shine from the Linkle Smartbook. This light causes the darkness in the area to vanish.

Gamettsu remarks that this is just a cheap distraction and he attempts to harm Ha-chan and Mofurun. Cure Miracle and Cure Magical are revealed to be keeping him away from them. Her feelings have reached them and are encouraging them to keep going, and powered up from this the girls manage to knock Gamettsu back and resume the fight. They tell him that strength isn't what makes someone strong, but their feelings and the ability to care for others. They knock him into the ground and pull out their wands to use Ruby Passionale to purify him. He accepts his defeat and acknowledges them as powerful foes, so he has no regrets.

Gamettsu returns to his original form of a small turtle and Batty watches him leave as he picks up his discarded staff. He wonders why Dokurokushe would want the Smartbook suddenly.

The girls overlook the garnet they obtained from this duel and wonder what the light shining from the Smartbook was. Ha-chan is much happier now as the girls compliment her bravery, and she tells them that she loves them very much.

Major Events

  • The Cures defeat Gamettsu and he is turned back into a turtle.
  • The Cures return the Linkle Stone Garnet back from Gamettsu.
  • Loretta-sensei, Dorothy, Nancy, Cissy and the Pegasi from episode 8 return.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The Cures use their Ruby Style forms in this episode.
  • This is the first episode not to feature a Yokubaru.
  • As the girls look at the fish, one resembles a Taiyaki, a cookie or biscuit in the shape of a fish that is usually filled with bean paste or chocolate.


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