Returning to the Magic World! Take Back the Linkle Stone! (魔法界再び!リンクルストーンを取り戻せ! Mahō Kai Futatabi! Rinkuru Sutōn wo Torikaese!?) is the 18th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 603rd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


As Ha-chan despairs over losing the Linkle Stone, the Cures receive an invitation from Gamettsu to battle against him for it. With that, they head back into Magic World in order to face him, but he proves to be stronger than they anticipated.

Major Events

  • The Cures defeat Gamettsu and he is turned back into a turtle.
  • The Cures return the Linkle Stone Garnet back from Gamettsu.
  • Loretta-sensei, Dorothy, Nancy, Cissy and the Pegasi from episode 8 return.


Mirai and Riko receive a letter from Gamettsu, who challenges them to a battle. He says he will return the Linkle Stone Garnet if they come to the farthest island in the Magic World. Due to their desire to get back the Linkle Stone Garnet, Mirai and Riko head towards the Magic World.

On their way there, they find out that it takes three days to get to the farthest island. However, they bump into Loretta-sensei, Dorothy, Nancy and Cissy who are practising their flying. They help them out and leave them when the Pegasus come to help the two girls. They finally make it the island Gamettsu was waiting on, who says he will show them his true power. This he does, by transforming into a magical warrior, which was also his original battle form.

To challenge Gamettsu, Mirai and Riko transform into the Ruby Style Pretty Cure. However, Gamettsu is very hard to defeat due to his strength, so the Ruby Style is useless. This causes the girls to fall to the ground before the victorious Gamettsu. Due to this, Ha-chan gathers some courage to try and stop Gamettsu.

Ha-chan manages to stop him with her miraculous power. The field of darkness Gamettsu had disappears, and the Cures stand up once more, stronger than ever. With Ruby Passionale, Gamettsu is purified. Due to Ha-chan's courage, everyone is happy and Mofurun is glad to see Ha-chan smiling again.


Pretty Cures



Secondary Characters


  • The Cures use their Ruby Style forms in this episode.
  • This is the first episode not to feature a Yokubaru.


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