Exploration & Adventure! The Magic Door of Mysteries! (探検&冒険!魔法のとびらのナゾ! Tanken & Bōken! Mahō no Tobira no Nazo!?) is the 19th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 604th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Curious about Ha-chan's new and strange magical powers, the girls decide to ask the Headmaster about her, so they travel to the Magic World to learn about her.

Major Events


The Pretty Cure were saved by Ha-chan's mysterious power. Mirai and Riko are interested in finding out the secret and they think Kouchou might know, so they travel to the Magic World. However, when they arrive, they find a letter saying he has disappeared somewhere with the Magic Crystal. Mirai and Riko asks Kyoto if she knows anything, but she is left confused.

Mirai and Riko decide to ask Jun, Kay and Emily if they know anything about Kouchou's whereabouts. The three magical students tell them about Kouchou's Seven Wonders, in which they tell them about a big tree that looks down on the school. On top of that tree, is a door that can only be opened by Kouchou. Thanks to this story, Mirai and Riko decide to fly to the top by using their Magic Brooms.

There, they get flung back by the branches and get chased by caterpillars, however, the girls do not give up. They finally reach the top but they are unable to open the door. Then, Batty appears and changes his appearance to look more like a monster. Mirai and Riko transform into the Sapphire Style Pretty Cure.

Batty is too strong for the Cures, making them fall into a bit of trouble. But thanks to Ha-chan's mysterious powers, the Cures are able to get rid of Batty. And just like that, a new Linkle Stone appears, with Mofurun saying it is the Linkle Stone Amethyst. The Linkle Stone Amethyst turns into the key that will help the girls open the door. The two girls think that Kouchou might have came here earlier and decide to walk through the door.


Pretty Cures



Secondary Characters


  • The Cures use their Sapphire Style forms in this episode.
  • This is second time the transformation sequence is shortened, since episode 16.
  • The sponsor cards are replaced with a special image of Cure Miracle in honor of her birthday, which is June 12, the same day the episode aired.
  • As of this episode, all the Linkle Stones, except for the Emerald, have been obtained.
  • The door seen in this episode is the same door seen in the title card at the beginning of each episode.


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