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Exploration & Adventure! The Magic Door of Mysteries! (探検&冒険!魔法のとびらのナゾ! Tanken & Bōken! Mahō no Tobira no Nazo!?) is the 19th episode of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and is the 604th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Curious about Ha-chan's new and strange magical powers, the girls decide to ask the Headmaster about her, so they travel to the Magic World to learn about her.


The girls are heading back while they discuss the power coming from the Linkle Smartbook. They ask Ha-chan but she doesn't know, and she's very worn out now so the girls give her a snack with the Garnet Linkle Stone and she returns to the Smartbook for a nap.

They return to school to ask Kouchou about it, but they can't find him. Isaac and Kyoto are there however, so the girls ask them about where he went. They admit not to knowing when Mofurun approaches them with a Message Pot that was left by Kouchou. He explains that he has gone away to attend to business and wants them to handle everything until he returns. This makes Kyoto worry because it's unlike him to leave suddenly, but Isaac assures her that he's always handled things on his own like this.

Meanwhile, Batty is summoned by Dokurokushe and he feels conflicted as Yamoh instructs him to seek out both the Emerald Linkle Stone as well as the Linkle Smartbook. Batty apologizes for speaking out of line -as he feels indebt to Dokurokushe for giving him the dark magic he uses- but he asks if this is truly what he wants. He confirms that this is what he wants as Yamoh tries to calm him down. Before dismissing Batty, Dokurokushe summons a new item for him.

Outside, Mirai and Riko explain to Kay, Jun, and Emily what happened and ask if they know anything. They do not, but Kay recalls that there are "seven mysterious" about Kouchou. Mirai excitedly asks her to tell them as it could provide useful, so Kay goes over her notes she took: nobody knows his age, he supposedly can use magic but nobody has seen him do it before -but Riko debunks this by saying he has magic infused tools he can use-, a mysterious woman's voice can be heard in his office too, which Riko and Mirai acknowledge as the Crystal Ball. Emily also recalls how he is said to drink extremely bitter tea, and he's super popular with ladies in the Non Magic World. Riko asks about the last rumor but the girls are unable to say anything, as they don't know it. Just then Liz shows up and she claims to know it; there is a forbidden door within the tree that supports the school that only he can open.

Inspired by this information, Mirai hastily grabs her broom and flies towards the tree. Riko quickly follows after thanking her sister, and she locates her just in time to show her the sign forbidding access any further. Mirai asks why and Riko explains that there is a mysterious power that could be dangerous for those unfamiliar with it, and Riko is really nervous. She claims that she doesn't want to break any school rules but Mirai easily determines that she is afraid of any possible caterpillars that could be inhabiting the large tree. Mirai suggests that because they can't find a good climbing point they may as well fly up- but in the process she gets smacked by a tree branch.

Batty decides that because Dokurokushe gave him specific orders he must carry them out. He borrows Sparda and Gamettsu's wands and prepares to leave in search of the Emerald Linkle Stone and Linkle Smartbook.

Riko searches for Mirai while desperately clinging to the mossy tree until she can reach a flat surface. Just as she thinks a caterpillar might be near, she prepares to use magic on it but her wand slips out of her hand, beaming Mirai with it. She is relieved to see her as she falls from the branch she was by and onto the ground, but their reunion is cut short when a caterpillar emerges and runs after the girls, revealing itself to be very big. By the time they lose it Ha-chan is waking up from her nap, and as she wonders where they are at, it dons on the girls that they must be on the summit, and they spot the Forbidden Door nearby.

They approach it and attempt to open the door, only for it to fall over. As the girls make a remark, Batty reveals himself to them, having been hanging from a tree nearby in waiting. He reveals his wand, along with Gamettsu and Sparda's and with the magic endowed to him from Dokurokushe, he transforms into a monstrous bat-like creature with three sets of arms. The girls transform into Sapphire Style Cure Miracle and Cure Magical, and Batty warns them that he's a lot stronger than before. With Sparda's web ability he quickly grabs the girls and tosses them aside. He makes fun of the girls before chasing after Mofurun and Ha-chan, who try to keep the Linkle Smartbook away from him. The girls momentarily distract him but once again he tosses them aside and demands the Smartbook from the smaller pair.

Suddenly, Ha-chan screams out and the light from the Smartbook reappears, increasing the girls' power an allowing them to break free from the net he trapped them in. As the scenery around them returns to normal, several tree branches begin growing out to cover Mofurun and Ha-chan and they begin to attack Batty, giving the girls the chance to use Sapphire Smartish and steal away Sparda and Gamettsu's wands, changing him back to normal. Batty is thrown back and forced to retreat.

Riko and Mirai compliment Ha-chan and Mofurun for their efforts when they spot a brand new Linkle Stone on the door: the Linkle Stone of the door, Amethyst. Ha-chan tells them she is hungry again, they use it to feed her, summoning a cluster of grapes. Ha-chan delightfully eats ones and gains a grape hat, but she begins to glow and is taken back into the book suddenly, which concerns the girls. They decide they should hurry up and find Kouchou and the pen draws a key to open the door. They determine the Amethyst must be guiding them and they head through.

Major Events


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The Cures use their Sapphire Style forms in this episode.
  • This is second time the transformation sequence is shortened, since episode 16.
  • The sponsor cards are replaced with a special image of Cure Miracle in honor of her birthday, which is June 12, the same day the episode aired.
  • As of this episode, all the Linkle Stones, except for the Emerald, have been obtained.
  • The door seen in this episode is the same door seen in the title card at the beginning of each episode.


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